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  1. You don't use phone camera's for holiday, get a decent one! :angry:
  2. What are the build versions? I'll add them to the collection thread.
  3. 6.5, that's the fastest one I think. Don't use the Samsung Touchwiz UI, that's slow as hell. Use the WM interface and you'll be fine.
  4. Try: 'pleasedonateifyoucan' if it's an Daskalos file.
  5. Don't worry, he won't. Not posting for a day does not mean ignoring :angry:
  6. 'pleasedonateifyoucan' is the password, like every other file of daskalos :)
  7. Thanks AncientWinds, added it to the collection thread. Now i'm going to try it out :)
  8. Added new Dutch ROM: AncientWinds B7610NXXJC2 WM 6.5 (Lite)
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