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  1. Hi, It really is getting harder and harder to find things for the Omnia II now days... My hard drive was lost along with all my software for the i8000. I am reinstalling everything manually - ROMs are almost non existent, and links to apps I used in the past are no longer available etc. One in particular I am looking for is either ConnManager > 1.4, or NoData.... If anyone still has a copy can you please upload it for me? Cheers
  2. ok all done - there were a couple of things i did differently to get it working - but now i am in Android: 1. It's slow? Is that to be expected? 2. Device not recognised in Windows?!? Update: Ok worked out you need to install the drivers from the SDK if you want to do anything in windows 3. WiFi not auto searching to find available - I had to manually add a connection - is that normal? 4. Is there any tips and tricks site for Android on Omnia 2 I can run through now i have it up and running? 5. How to root Froyo? Update: Found Gscript that allows running shell scripts to run a root script, and also root explorer allows this also 6. Cannot import contacts from SIM card. In windows mobile i copied all the contacts to SIM and in Froyo i try and import but says there are no contacts?!?
  3. Is there any updated boot or phone parts to this new rom or is it just the rom and nothing else? Also is JJ1 the latest for the phone and boot parts?
  4. From everything i read it is a little confusing - so sorry if this has been asked and answered before but searching reveals nothing and scrolling through 360 pages aint happening: Can Froyo be installed on the microSD card NOT the internal My Storage? Thanks in advance ;)
  5. Same rom to same rom - Just if you have the build just like you want (which lets face it takes at least a day or more when your talking about reinstalling 20 to 30 different apps, configuration and all the rest of it for a new rom), then you get another update you want to apply which has the potential to brick your rom - transparent taskbars - shell32.exe and aygshell.dll. I've done this in the past and just wanted to avoid the hassle of having to go through the saga again, for what is essentially 'a nice to have' update, and only 'IF' it happens to brick my phone. I just would have thought guys cooking roms etc would have gone through this on a regular basis and would know the best way to snapshot exactly what they have just the way they like it and restore it once they have done their mods/cooking etc etc same rom to same rom I would have thought there'd be a clear and easy way to do this. Anyways thanks for the suggestion I was going to try that out along with settings export, and sktools/spb backup - it looks like it's going to be backup - reflash - reinstall backup app - restore. Which is a damn site easier and alot faster than the manual method - I was just hoping for maybe rom dump - and reflash with the dumped rom, alas no response on that one so I will try it but won't hold my breath. lol, hopefully I won't even need to, but better safe than sorry Cheers!
  6. I cannot believe that out of this huge community no one could come back with an answer to the best method of backing up. I will go through the 1 to 2 days testing the above methods and any others I can find. I am just disappointed that no one seems to have done this before to avoid having to go through the same saga again sigh Oh well I will post the best method on backup and restore within the next few days
  7. Hi, I finally have my phone setup the way I like it and want to install one last mod that potentially can brick my phone. What is the best method to backup the phone as it is and capture 100% exactly the way it is setup, all contacts, theme, icon images etc etc etc I think I only need to capture the registry and any installed apps local to the \ root 'Internal' storage as the \My Storage and \Storage Card don't get wiped during a flash (as long as you don't want them to). But I don't know for sure so hence the question :) 1. ROM dump and reflash with the dumped ROM? 2. SPB or SKTools backup - reflash, reinstall, and restore? 3. Alternative\Manual method? I like option 1 but not sure if that's the way ROM dumps work - so if anyone can confirm either way would be great and if not then what IS the best way to capture an exact snapshot of the phone if possible? Thanks in advance :) *************************************************** Looking for a nice ROM? Gary Crutcher is definitely recommended. JH2-23689 - I have JF1 Phone, with Gary's JH2 PDA. It is FAST, STABLE and USEABLE straight out of the box, with +90MB RAM FREE. NO NEED FOR SENSE OR SPB http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...september-2010/
  8. mightymouse1045

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    You the Man! And yes I agree - I will be doing a backup first because I have just finished installing all the apps and games and getting the phone setup how I like it - so I would hate to copy these over and brick the phone :) Couple of questions 1. If I do a rom dump does that capture all settings and everything? so could I do a rom dump and then if the above files brick my phone just flash with the rom I dumped? 2. How can I add or remove things to the home sceen - not just under apps and contacts but say if I wanted to turn off the weather or add resco plugin or facebook chat plugin etc? 3. Can you tell me about the mort scripts you have set to run and if I wanted to disable them if I am manually updating weather, and also what is the sysvar script running on start up for the home sceen actually doing? Thanks heaps!!!!
  9. mightymouse1045

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    Hi Gary - look man would it be tooooooo much to ask for you to make these changes to the shell32.exe and aygshell.dll and post them here for your GCJH2-23689 build, and possibly future builds also?? It really is a straightforward thing to do when you are cooking but for me I have tried everything to get these files out of the rom and patched and then replaced and it just keeps bricking my phone. I really want transparent taskbars at the top and bottom and the method posted here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=647579 or another in modaco but doesn't talk about levels of opacity which is here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...ar-transparent/ This is the only method that doesn't involve cropping pictures and allows for varying degrees of opacity from solid to invisible. Man even if you can try it on the above ROM and tell me if there are any variations in the steps involved to get it working with your rom would be brilliant or just an aditional post including a cab file to install for those who want transparent bars - WHATEVER IS EASIEST FOR YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed and thanks in Advance dude :) Cheers, Peter
  10. Same here - I want to have transparent freaking bars but everything I've tried just bricks the freaking phone. This shouldn't be so bloody difficult - surely there must be a way to write a program that does all this for us and after reboot wham transparent bars! I don't like ICTHRU U and the manual cropping pictures either SONOVABEATCH!!!!!!
  11. mightymouse1045

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    Hey man yeah look I already opened your .nbo file in the romtools and sure enough it says it's already patched... I really have no idea why I can't copy this with Resco Explorer. In fact I used to be able to copy files directly from within windows (any files from the \windows directory on the phone) but now I can't do that either. It's a real mystery and I am stumped. The only way I could get shell32.exe and aygshell.dll out was to use romextractor run from the phone. Then copying the modified files back over is ok but it bricks the phone. is this something that perhaps is only new with JH2 builds similar to how s3clock can't run with JH2? http://www.modaco.com/content-page/319101/...parent/page/20/ Cheers - any insight or thoughts from anyone would be helpful
  12. This is strange really - I mean I have only done the DLL file aygshell.dll and triple checked the whole process - I also made sure I had the latest certificates to sign with and the end result was a DLL file almost identical in size to the original. However on copying it across BRICKED phone! WTF!? I used the reverser and recmod to extract the files and recreate them and then signed them with the tools from here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...d-signing-tool/ I also checked my cooked rom from http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...september-2010/ It says it is already patched as per the following screenshot. So I really have no idea and can only surmise that the reverser and recmod are causing the problems here. I noted that without signing the DLL file was 4kb smaller than the original after using reverser and recmod and the exe file was larger by 1kb. After signing the DLL was almost exactly the original in size.....
  13. I have just reflashed my phone and am about to make this mod now - I will do it with the driver signing method I described using romextractor to get the files off because I also have a cooked rom that says it has had the certificate and signing patch but it still doesn't allow me to copy the files off - access denied. So before I go reinstalling all my apps and brick my phone I will do this first the way I have suggested - because I have already installed a taskbar mod which is using resigned files and sdkcerts and my phone is fine. As you can see in the link to the tutorial many dll's are used in the taskbar icon modifications and I have no issues booting with those modified files. Perhaps as the person in the first page suggests, the utilities being used might be corrupting the shell33.exe or dll and that could be the issue not the signing part of it? Anyways I will do it now and let you know if I brick my phone or if it works for me :) Cheers
  14. mightymouse1045

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    I thought this only worked with romdumps of official roms. As this is a cooked ROM (.NBO file instead of .MST) I thought it won't allow that. Doesn't it have to be done on the original? Quote from "sinancetinkaya" user: You are not able to patch a cooked rom because the "all packages to one" protects roms from extraction If you're using a cooked rom, you'll have to wait your cooker to update his rom.

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