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  1. Nope...but have had no problems with other roms...will have a look into it...
  2. Hi! any issues with mms on the 6.5 rom. I can't get it to work :angry:
  3. Can't you just touch the volume button? Then you should get the option to choose sound profiles.
  4. Well, my "My Storage" is gone too, and it disappeared "out of the box", even before I even had a chance to flash. After that, I have flashed several times, but I just solved this issue with installing a sd card instead. Now, I have discovered I have the dust under display problem too, so now I thinking of returning the phone - sell it - and get a HTC instead...preferably Desire.... AND, the storage problem is something many here in Norway is experiencing too, so it is a Samsung problem!!
  5. Yes, I've flashed several times, but just the pda and csc part as I'm worried 'bout bricking my phone (I've lost "my storage") Nevertheless, it would be interesting, and handy, to find out what my current (and future) eboot version is...
  6. Nobody knows? :P It would be useful to know what my eboot version is, before I flash a new one :huh:
  7. I see...strange indeed. First thought is your storage wasn't really gone after all. Anyway, good for you it came back ;)
  8. Did you flash eboot as well? I heard of ppl getting their storage back after flashing eboot...
  9. It stops in the process, with no message. It stops because it can't write to the right partition (my storage) Yes, it is copied to the internal storage, but to another partition than 'my storage' I use Octans 2.14. This issue has been addressed many times before, and the answer is always the same: .mst needs 'my storage', whilst .nb0 don't...
  10. No other problem than 'my storage' is required to flash .mst files. That's why ppl in my situation need to convert .mst to .nb0, in order to flash. Maybe your storage wasn't "too" gone ;)
  11. I have the 'my storage' bug (where the storage is gone), and have until now only risked flashing csc and pda. This has worked flawlessly... I've recently flashed with jd1 pda, and thinking about flashing my eboot and phone as well, as they are pretty old (phone: II7). So, question is if I can only flash the eboot and/or phone part without any additional risk out of the normal of bricking the phone? tia
  12. Is there any way I can find out what eboot version I currently have? tia
  13. Eeeh...how can you flash .mst without 'my storage'? I lost mine couple of months ago, but just bought an sd card instead, only drawback is I need to flash .nb0 as .mst don't work without 'my storage'. ...also, I lost 'my storage' before I start to flash custom rom's ;)
  14. Isn't the 3 sec ring delay just matter of a reg tweak?
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