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  1. Hi all happy MTeOr users, Can one off you please share the homescreen colour scheme called "Jupiter" (the green one) + the HTC background. Shown at HTC MTeor thanks
  2. rather offtopic but here is a funny one, A friend had a accident with a qtek8010, run over by a lawnmower! :)
  3. Well yes, I googled translated som frensh forums and linked me here nectun.com something frensh rcall tip use google translate or something... further down you found an app called rcall runs on pc and transfers files via activesync to wave, I just tryed it on qtek 8310 and works fine, now have fun.. :)
  4. Lo !, I have the same problems with offlinefiles my thread > Offline files your idea at uncheck 'client for microsoft networks' and 'file/print sharing for ms networks' in the properties of the Windows Mobile 5 lan adapter, I wounder if this have any side effects with sync etc? One is you have to do this on serveral usb connections it creates one uniqe for every usb port? like 3-4-5 etc but seems to work, cheers !
  5. Hi there, I had the same problem with me qtek 8310, everything works with the USB cable, no luck whatsoever with external chargers, I recalled my device and are getting a new in a few days hopefully. The charger shows output 5.15v , 1A (faild phone). It should be 5.0v 1A (working same as qtek8010/8020 charges). I did not get my phone as a "doa" dead on arrival, I had to call the store who sold it and recall, I't has taken over a month time now :cry: From my side I think you should claim out a new device, good luck.
  6. Found this over msmobiles, apears to work on WM5 Tornado device from HTC or the Cingular 2125, check it out ;) Free phone call recorder for MS Smartphone released PMRecorder
  7. Yes that was my tought, but the store only accepted "DOA" if it was tested within 5days :shock: , otherwise it must be send in as a repair job. This is really silly. I really hope to get the device back before christmas holidays. Unpacked and installed the device the same day I got it, managed to get activesync work etc, did not test the battery charger, becous it was charing from (pc/usb). Until I got home for the weekend and used the external charager. I can admit from the handbook it goes something like this, charge the phone a couple of hours first etc, to bad for me I did not test this first. :|
  8. Update, I returned it today for fail/repair service, unlucky had it for like 2days :roll:
  9. Hi got a new 8310, Just tryed the orginal battery charger on the phone, plug in the charger into the phone, the phone display give me a charger sign but after a couple of minutes it turns off. The phone give me a "beep" sound, and turns it selfs off. Anyone else with problem like this? maby it's a DOA? Phone works 100% while charging from PC/usb.
  10. Hi there, Just got hands of a qtek8310 and the activesync 4.1.0 build 4841 "from microsoft.com" Had some problems with the firewall settings (xpsp2), but got it working on port level. When you sync with the 8310 a new network connection is created and card is installed called something like "Windows Mobile-based Device" However I'm running on a laptop connected to a Windows domain, using offline files etc, everytime I remove the cable from the phone and replug it to resync information. My laptop computer goes into offline mode. You are currently working offline on "server". It seems to have something to do with the new network connection, maby it's os limit, anyone got a clue or a solution? (to correct it from getting in offline mode) thanks
  11. Using a qtek8010 just changed operator to telia sonera, seperate the bills for private calls you have to use a prefix like *140# It works with calls but not with sms "Error Cannot send to email recipients from the SMS account. Cancel the message, select an email account, then try again" (yes I'm in the sms box) Another thing when some sends a sms it shows up with fully number like +46etc, not include the prefix same with sms. Anyone with a workaround I don't whant to have dublicate numbers in my contacts like one with prefix for calls / one for the sms/mms without prefix. Thanks
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