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  1. thank you so much. another one thing, whenver i have a missed call while my screen was lock, it display other foreign language that i don't understand, i already change the region during the initial setup but still the same. anyway to change it to become english ?
  2. if i want to install task manager that allow to kill task from the top right corner, which cab shoul i install?
  3. i'm just flash to mix n match rom and not able to view chinese character while in SENSE Message tab. No problem in reading chinese character while open in Messaging Client. any fix for it?
  4. may i know what's the proper way to get facebook up and running ? i'm using sencity march 16 rom, not able to sign in to facebook either through wifi/data connection / or active sync connection
  5. this one i flash before. can work no problem. but i dunlike the graphic. at the moment using sencity
  6. huh? just download energy rom then flash it. remember to enable the erase CSC option if you're using OCTAN 2.4.
  7. yes it's able to display chinese. you need to flash both of the rom only you can feel the differences. I don't like MS rom because it's 6.5.3 rom where some of my prefer program can't run correctly
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