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  1. I used Maps(-) and cached the places that I have intention to visit.
  2. Mod...kindly delete post..thanks...
  3. When I first had my HTC Desire, bluetooth was not able to scan my Jabra BT2070. Then I rooted and installed the Nexus One port (cannot remember which Modaco custom version due to uncountable flashing) and bluetooth was able to scan, connect and paired with my Jabra. Bluetooth was also working fine through the various versions of Froyo. Then Froyo Sense came along, and bluetooth is no longer working as before. It can no longer scan my Jabra anymore. Anyone can help provide the bluetooth version from Google Froyo?
  4. Sorry...wrong posting...
  5. To show/hide keyboard, press and hold menu key.
  6. Simple...just flash back the r4 ROM without wipe.
  7. Crossing my fingers that the HTC Desire Froyo would not have the white noise and echo.
  8. You may want to follow these threads if you are interested in the white noise and echo issue... White Noise issue in FroYo ROMs Issue 5: Echo and white noise issue
  9. FM radio is from HTC...not part of Froyo... :lol:
  10. If you are not comfortable not wiping, then do a backup using titanium backup. After flashing, use titanium backup to restore. Make sure your filters are set to backup and user. Then use batch to restore all apps and data. This will restore only your apps and not the system. For sms and call logs, use sms backup and restore and call logs backup and restore respectively. For browser favourites, use titanium backup to restore [bookmark]browser. Restore only the data.
  11. [quote name='DLDarklink' date='Jun
  12. Just to verify if the fc is caused by the sms log... 1. use sms backup and restore to backup your smses 2. go to settings=>applications=>manage applications=>all=>messaging and clear data 3. run the messaging application to see if it still fc 4. if not, then it is the sms log that is causing the fc You can restore the sms log using sms backup and restore
  13. double tap after zoom to reformat page
  14. Nexus One does not have the echo problem because it has a second mic to work with the noise cancellation feature. The echo in HTC Desire is an effect of the missing second mic. I believe the echo can be resolved if someone can figure out how to disable the noise cancellation feature.
  15. In Settings => Applications => Manage Applications, there are 4 tabs; namely; Download, Running, All and On SD card. Most of the apps in Download tab can be moved to SD card. Most of the apps that are part of the ROM cannot be moved to the SD card. When clicking on a particular app, the Application Info will be displayed. If the Moved to SD card button is disabled, that would mean that the app cannot be move from phone to SD card and vice versa. Even if the app can be moved to SD card, there is always a part of the app or data that would still remain in the phone. If like me, you have a large number of apps (so easy and convenient to download from market place), the space in the phone will run out very quickly. After moving around 50 downloaded apps to the SD card, there is only around 20MB of space left in the phone. The apps moved to the SD card are displayed in the On SD card tab. In contrast, with A2SD+ implementation, I still have around 70MB of space in the phone after installing around 100 downloaded apps. To the system, the apps are considered to be on the phone. Though the widgets are physically in the SD card, LauncherPro still considered these widgets are in the phone and have no problem displaying them. Using the Froyo native way, LauncherPro have problems with widgets moved to the SD card. The other good thing is even when the USB Storage is turned on, the apps in the SD card can still be executed. Though I have not tested this yet, I would presume that removing the SD card would cripple the system as the majority of the apps are in the SD card. ;)
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