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  1. Hi NRGZ28 Your Rom Is Simply Da GR8. It ROkssz ..But i only have one problem " I cannot access MY STORAGE through the cable.. i can see its content but cant realy see in the computer i have hard reset Twice but still i cant find a solution I dont know if others are having the same same problem.. I have changed the settings for, SAMSUNG SETTINGS THANKZ 4 UR GR8 ROM.. HOPE U GUYS WILL HELP ME and also i cant edit cookies tab settings i get an error I AM using the Dinik Glass version
  2. its ok darkwoldz i will try to do it myself...google is my best friend..thankzz
  3. @DARKWORLDZZ that is exactly what i would like to know.. is it possible to extract their UI coz overall i think its snappier than ours
  4. ......Hi i have an i8000 but find it too slow... 1)i would like to ask if its advisable to flash the korean SAMSUNG O2 :A.K.A :M710 pda part because its quite usable.. 2)is there a risk of bricking the phone ? 3)The samsung O2 for the korean market are in many variations and most of the omnia 2 there are quite usable despite ours ..So is it possible to port their UI to our ? like for example the T*OMNIA 2 menu was quite fast and fluid can we port also their touch player 4)has any one tried to flash their roms? LINKS 1... SHOW OMNIA 2.... 3.... MOST OF THESE PHONES ARE FOR "ANYCALL" korea THANKS :D :)
  5. TouchXperience User Interface Alpha 1 Requirements: Pocket PC with WM 6.0, 6.1, .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Overview: TouchXperience is the Next Generation User Interface for Windows Mobile, finger friendly and highly customizable, it offers many interesting features: program launcher, contacts manager, home screen, appointments, messaging, task manager, profile and event manager, call log, control panel, communication manager,... In this first version TouchXperience is not fully integrated into the system (it will not replace system menus, taskbar and hardware buttons), so you have to launch TouchXperience panels from Start menu (you can also do it from any other place by creating shortcuts). In Start menu there is a TouchXperience folder containing links to all available panels. There are currently two types of panel : widget panels and menu panels. Each panel has its own contextual menu (top-right button for menu panels or a long press on background for widget panels), menu items and widgets also have their own contextual menu (accessible after a long press on them). There are several ways to switch between panels: Using panel shortcuts Pressing Back (hardware) button on a panel will display a list of all available panels Using left/right gestures to switch between quick panels (list of quick panels is not modifiable in this version - or by changing registry value) By rotating screen it will show an overview of all your quick panels (accelerometer is supported on HTC devices only at the moment) Widgets can be added and placed anywhere on panels, as well on custom menus where you can add different kind of menu items (programs, web links, panel links, contacts, folders, headers, separators, and hundreds of others...). In the current version it is not possible to rearrange menu items order. .. LINKS BELOW MOD EDIT: DEVELOPER DOESNT WANT TO PROVIDE WAREZ LINKS FOR HIS ALPHA STAGE PRODUCT.
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