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  1. Any update on this Paul? nice device.... Just EMUI......
  2. Wonder if how it gets transferred out of US accounts is different to here?... Odd... Shall have a go later myself and see what happens
  3. Nice one Stu.... Can't get out of the office at the moment to try mine out....
  4. You know what, I hadn't thought of doing that!... Have now though.. will try later and see, unless I'm beaten to it.
  5. Same here, oh well, one step on I suppose :( Also using the same details to add funds to the Google Card does not work either.
  6. Nope, used a random NY one, everything else though was correct info, and I have a US phone number, although not sure if it's needed or not (certainly not the one registered against the account)
  7. New version works great here, UK based card working just fine (co-op bank) http://p.twimg.com/AzVWyttCUAAfgjX.png Not tried to purchase against it yet though, so spose that's the acid test... McDonalds for breakfast I suppose :)
  8. Same issue here, annoying, but not found a way round it, tried clearing cache etc.
  9. One quick mention, you need to assign the credit card/address to your 1-Click settings as well https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/account/address/view.html - Besides that great, cheers Paul, knew what was blocking me, but didnt think to look for a service that gave me a US address/Card number, Oh well :D
  10. Tried S2U2? much nicer if you ask me..... Failing that you may need to remap either Phone or Programs softkey do that by popping into HKLM/Software/HTC/manila/ and changing either HomeLSKPath or HomeRSKPath to DeviceLock.exe and instsall the cab from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=446689 That should work :)
  11. Pretty much all sorted now, a stable version of MobileMagic, CorePlayer (just about) playing back iPlayer stuff nicely (off the iPhone stream) and most other stuff setup how I like. Couple of niggles, 1 - TF3D's music player sux, it's not able to work out the order of tracks? Media Player is just fine, but would be nicer from a finger friendly interface. 2 - the . , keyboard bug, but got used to it and it dont really bother, might have a play at cooking me own rom and see if I can fix it. 3 - battery life is getting better, so can't really complain as it's a new battery, but could be better (at the moment). 4 - D3D drivers could be more stable, but then again they are the Diamond ones at the moment, sure a new set will make it's way out, or the Diamond's will improve. 5 - Some apps really don't like the rotate screen stuff. Media player for one (watch a vid that it plays FS lanscape, then turn the device landscape... odd aint it!) can be fixed using MobileMagic and focing MediaPlayer to Portrait. 6 - Opera can be a bit laggy to rotate the screen, must tweak the detection interval. 7 - OOB experience of ratate screen in general is poor. Try setting HKLM\software\htc\htcsensor\gsensor\checkingtime to 200, much nicer... Besides that pleased as punch, and they all pail into insignificance because of that amazing screen!
  12. The Proporta one is nice, has a slight matt efffect to stop reflections and give a better feel. Def better than the OOB one.
  13. You will find however it's not a problem in ALL apps, some seem to respond correctly? very odd....
  14. So Far so Good... Don't mind the KB, getting used to it, like the tactile (buzz) feedback on it, it helps... What I'm really missing and didnt realise I would is hardware buttons! Tried ABPlus (mem/cpu hog) and MobileMagic (great but unstable), want MobileMagic to work more stabley, as it tends to 'hang' the device every once in a while, but it's quality when it works. The screen is SOOOO nice though... Opera looks amazing! Have to see how the wife get's on with hers though, off to flash her Rom (to Dutties 1.7) right now :)
  15. Took the plunge, ordered two (1 for me and 1 for misses) from mobile.co.uk, used the 40quid cashback from Quidco and will switch it from free text's to free data. So game on... Let's hope I can put up with having no physical keyboard, cause I about tossed an iPhone accross the pub last night because I couldnt type owt on it.
  16. Most worried about o2's hsdpa coverage... seems to be a little weak? T-Mob's is great most places... however work is on a corporate o2 contract, so at least at work sites I'll be ok as we have our own masts on site :)
  17. Might move to O2.... What are they like nowadays?
  18. Whats the software keyboard like on the HD? kinda want a HD but afraid I'm going to miss my hardware keyboard. Might go the pro route anyhow.... but that screen!
  19. Tis easy, best way, log onto OWA (https://mail.server.name/owa) then click options (top right), then click mobile devices on the left, find your device, select it, then click the 'Wipe your device' link.
  20. Your best bet is to have a wander over to www.thegreenbutton.com, loads of WMC/VMC help and advise. There are a few apps that will do the transcoding....
  21. No problem at all people, share what knowledge/experiences you have, makes life easier for others......
  22. OkeyDokey, after a little research it seems that Youtube use RTSP... TCPMP does not yet support the protocol (bummer).... I then tried m.youtube.com from the browser on the device and streaming does not work, tried it from the PC, and streaming does not work..... odd! EDIT - Does play in quicktime, nothing else though. Hicks, WMV works fine, oh and the replacement DLL's dont overwrite anything else, so no issues with backup (still worth doing though to keep your mind at ease).
  23. Yeah completely forgot about it... last time I tried it though it was a little 'flaky' on it's search. http://www.vtap.com/ for anyone interested
  24. Have a look at This thread and download TCPMP..... Plays flash stuff just fine ;)
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