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  1. Euthanatos

    Samsung Galaxy S UK Release imminent.

    The Snap is a ARM Cortex A8
  2. Euthanatos


    I like writing with this Keyboard. But there are two things I miss. First thing is a quick change of the primary Language would be fine. And I can not type a word with only capital Letters like ( moment I have to change input method) SMS except of this I really like it.
  3. Euthanatos

    2.1 mid march confirmed! urgh!

    Ok, and the day before Duke Nukem Forever will be released. ;)
  4. Euthanatos

    HTC Hero 2.1 release tomorrow?

    I have also a T-Moble G2, can anyone tell if this is a 1.5 or a 2.0 ROM?
  5. Euthanatos

    kkernel-1.0 with vnc support

    What I think should be mentioned, this version is not a replacement for tecnologists kernel. Because what I have seen so far it does not includes the ramzswap.sh. So if you want to have compcache working you need to update tecnologists kermel first. So far I haven't got time to test this. But if this VNC thing works that would be grate. Maybe I can lock into that mouse thing at the end of this week. Are the sources available for this version available?
  6. Euthanatos

    T-Mobile update and root access

    Hi, Why using this? I think Pauls Rom is based on a newer version.
  7. I don't need that amount of memory. I was just curious if it would work. It does!!
  8. I once heard that in some Mobile Devices only used Ram is being updated (electrical) to reduce power consumption, does enyone knows something about this. If that is the case we should think using less Ram.
  9. I just changed my ramzswap size to 200Mb and my device is not a gremlin yet. Don't try this at home. #cat /proc/ramzswap DiskSize: 204800 kB NumReads: 3456 NumWrites: 3955 FailedReads: 0 FailedWrites: 0 InvalidIO: 0 NotifyFree: 359 ZeroPages: 75 GoodCompress: 78 % NoCompress: 3 % PagesStored: 3525 PagesUsed: 1303 OrigDataSize: 14100 kB ComprDataSize: 4993 kB MemUsedTotal: 5212 kB #free total used free shared buffers Mem: 196512 194504 2008 0 28 Swap: 204792 15100 189692 Total: 401304 209604 191700 EDIT: Works still fine running 40Apps
  10. I am trying the 144M right now, I will keep you posted DiskSize: 147456 kB NumReads: 25 NumWrites: 28 FailedReads: 0 FailedWrites: 0 InvalidIO: 0 NotifyFree: 1 ZeroPages: 2 GoodCompress: 28 % NoCompress: 32 % PagesStored: 25 PagesUsed: 20 OrigDataSize: 100 kB ComprDataSize: 66 kB MemUsedTotal: 80 kB
  11. Thanks, is the compression (OrigDataSize / ComprDataSize) then i have 3.78 If it is importent to you I can report those things continously, and if so what parameters are importent for you? It's still quick as hell
  12. After 9h of running it shows #cat /proc/swaps /dev/block/ramzswap0 152608 94220 -1 and it works great, my phone flyes. I have only a class 4 Card but works fine too.

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