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  1. It would be nice if you could use one of the side buttons as a shortcut to put the phone into Silent or Speakerphone mode. If you set the answering options to AnyKey, can you use one of the side buttons to answer a call with the flip closed?
  2. I got an i600 last week... bought it "gently used" with 2003 OS already installed. I am liking it so far, still getting used to it's little quirks but haven't run into any show-stoppers yet. It's a bit larger than my previous cell phone, but much smaller than my Palm m130, and certainly better than having to carry both devices around. The display is gorgeous! Some of the little quirks I mentioned that do bug me a bit: 1) inconsistent syncing (I now know that it's better to keep the phone open while syncing)... 2) it doesn't pick up date/time from the network, which is a bit of an issue when I travel across time zones like I did this past weekend... and 3) the external side buttons do nothing when the flip is closed besides turn on the external LCD backlight (as far as I know). Looking forward to a long and happy partnership with my new smartphone :lol:
  3. Thanks for the info, guys!
  4. From what I've seen, the Samsung i600 doesn't have an "airplane mode" that would allow you to use the PDA functions without the wireless phone being "on"... is this the case? I believe the Treo 600 has such a mode. I was just wondering if this has proven to be a problem for those of you who have an i600 and travel a lot. Thanks!
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