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  1. hello Keivan it nice rom, great :P any plan to cook with com 2 ?
  2. i read in this site http://sites.google.com/site/wituandroid22fixedrussian/ (Android for Samsung Omnia) it anybody to try this rom ? many thank
  3. avarrous

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Thank U yonn for great new rom ... still downloading :lol:
  4. avarrous

    Original i900 ROM

    if you want original 6.5 for omnia u can't have it ...coz omnia can't update to win 6.5...but if you want cookes rom with untouched WM6.5 with all samsung default applications u can try rom dayspring2099us and for me i will use 21905 com 2..coz ilove com 2 :P .... http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...uched-versions/
  5. "Black Beauty" That looks very nice ..Thank for the rom "is great"
  6. hahahaha ;) ...this icon :D after your sentence make me laugh ..... maybe They wan'ts share rom becouse they rom not aready prepared" still have a problem with the rom " sorry for my bad english
  7. Maybe u can try This "Fr Ock Post" 1. Go to Settings > Connections > Operator Settings 2. Switch to a different operator from your current operator and press OK. 3. Wait a few seconds for the wait cursor to disappear, and switch back to your original operator again. If the above doesn't work, try this: Go to Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > Select Networks At " Programs automatically connects to Internet using ... ", choose My Internet instead of My ISP I can't update weather status Try the operator trick listed above. If it doesn't work, it may mean the servers are down - the weather tab and the homescreen use different weather servers. Simply try again later.
  8. Huh :P ? ..That mean "can u teach me to becouse we are same flag B) ready to download OSkitchen :) ... 37mn left Ps : watching Wold cup final vote to Spain :P
  9. Haloo bos benderanya sama nih ajarin gw juga ya :)
  10. Hallo Yonn ...this is very interesting .. ther is very simple yonn ? :D ... basicly Iam not understand with Programing Or IT or samething like that ....any chance to me to make or cook rom :P ???? and what should i do for 1st ..oh yeah and i not understand whit Tweaking :) Sorry for my bad english by the way Thank yonn
  11. thank u for a new rom 21901 ;) .... unfortunately their is no M2DV2 ;) .. if u have a time ...please ock's can you make that one.....
  12. Many Thank pecco For your great work ;)

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