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  1. Specs are I7-3770 3.4GHZ 8 GB Ram 1TB Hard Drive NVidia GTX 660 Windows 10 WiFi built in No keyboard or mouse Fully working Price does not include delivery. Payment by BACS
  2. Doing it now. It's very very slow to upload! Thanks
  3. Mediafire has a max 200mb max file size, any other free sites I can upload to?
  4. Mine was 235mb. Let me download this one and compare
  5. Is this not Xolo's one you are looking for to go from Orange 2.3.7 to Xolo 2.3.7 ? http://www.xolo.in/s...iles/update.zip It's what I used from rickywtatt's post
  6. Have a look at what I said above as well
  7. Bits to take note of are The flasher.bat is now called flasher logo.bat and you need to select option 1. Ensure you disable any firewewall programs when you run the flash logo.bat When running the flash logo.bat it is working even though it appears nothing is happening on the screen- so be patient, don't kill the program. When doing the second part of holding the power and vol+ it when to the same screen as power and vol-. When at the recovery screen i pressed and held power and vol+ and it when into the screen that allowed you to install the update.zip it talks about. Hope this is of some help
  8. I assume you followed this ? http://www.modaco.com/topic/356073-guidehow-to-flash-xolo-237-update-now-with-wireless-screen/
  9. Which bit are people having problems with ? the 2.3.7 xolo to ICS or orange to xolo ?
  10. I downloaded one and it seems to work but it does not talk back. Do you have a link for one i can test for you ? (provided i'm not breaking any rules ?)
  11. Just quick update, I have managed to flash my device to Xolo 2.3.7 and then updated to Xolo ICS (after taking my heart into my mouth)!! So far I'm a happy bunny, ICS works well, it's fast and mainly bloat free (found 3 apps Xolo care, Social Gallery & Kepplr). On reboot it's showing about 660mb free. Chrome works well and fast. BBC iplayer via the Dolphin browser after setting the user agent to desktop works very well. You will need to set the region correctly to set the date/time/keyboard etc. The only issue I had which I resolved was with the gps/google maps. Once I agreed to consent to google knowing where I was and rebooting the phone all appears to be good. I will report back any Issues but if anyone want to know anything please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.
  12. Not available yet on my Orange San Diego
  13. Apart from games it seems to match the htc one and galaxy s3. So looking forward to Saturday.
  14. Thanks guys for the reply. I have ordered mine today before i got the replies! I will give it a go and reply back after Saturday. The sound issue may be due the sound codec e.g dts. I will contact the dev for the apps if I come across any problems. Apparently they may just need to add a line or two.
  15. Hi Paul, Please could you try Bubble upnp https://play.google....ubbleupnp&hl=en Dice player https://play.google....WVyLnRyaWFsIl0. and BS player https://play.google....2lkLmZyZWUiXQ.. with a 1080p mkv (if you have one !). Also what has the battery life like during use and standby ? Thanks
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