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  1. Thought I had discovered a fix in Settings /Phone settings (Not Contacts!) /"Call Options". However, that is only a temporary one till te next time you need to see the Contacts. Then the wretched Sim numbers appear again. So, any help?????
  2. I have used Smartphones for some time now. I have just moved to a HP IPAQ 514 and I have a slight problem with my Contacts view when searching for a contact to dial. When I go into Contacts and press, say "B" for all my contacts with a B in their name, I see not only my memory/synchronised Outlook contacts, but also the SIM contacts as well. (I keep my contacts on both so I can swap my SIM card to a bog standard phone if I need to). I don't recall this happening with my VARIO. Yes, I can set my filter to only show Personal Contacts and the SIM ones disappear - till next time I go into Contacts Anyone found how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for that. Can you tell me what your line rental was in the beginning and what it is now? During the 18 month contract, I got a reduction for on-line ordering or something that showed on my invoices as Loyalty discount (I was a new customer!!!) which disappeared after month 18. So I was paying £16.50 (inc VAT) but now £19.00 and they wanted to take that away. You don't by any chance, have a copy of the web blurb that spelt out the deal?? Cheers.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help. In early 2006, T-mobile had an offer whereby you got a vario or Compact on a deal that gave you 200 minutes plus 40Mb data per month. It was £38.00 per month, but apart from the middle 6 months, you got it at half price )plus another discount too, as I recall.) The question is this. I am 100% sure that months 13 - 18 half price deal continued "for life" or until you renewed. Can anyone confirm this or am I wrong and after month 18 it went back to £38.00? I fear I will have to trawl my archives otherwise. Many thanks
  5. Ah. Understood. Seems to me that if T-Mobile were aware of the problem, then they should have twigged this one, though. In fairness, we have had no reported problems today although some roaming cones are still present. Just why deprioritising HTTP traffic would cause a roaming cone to appear is beyond me. It's just not fir. I pine for it to go away and for T-Mobile to spruce up their ideas so we could all cedar improvement.
  6. Looking at Pondrew's HTC phone list, I don't know about anyone else, but I can never remember the T-Mobile/O2 branded name for the various HTC phones. Any chance of someone in the know making a simple look up table - no pictures needed in alphabetical sequence simply saying HTC Device Other names Charmer MDA Compact II Magician M500 etc And could it be pinned? Mobile phones as well as Pocket PCs would probably be welcomed. I would do it myself, but I do not know the range - sorry.
  7. I understand that you are opening a VPN so to speak, but how will this make a difference if you are still using T-Mobile GPRS. Surely that will be using the same airwaves as it were? What's the reasoning behind your work around as it escapes me for now.
  8. Further to my earlier postings on the roaming cone, 2 things. (a) My errant cone has now gone, but someone else in the company has inherited it! My MDA compact 2 is updating 100% now. (;) Over the weekend, I received a call from T-Mobile technical services - quite unexpectedly - where a lady confirmed that T-Mobile were holding their hands up to this and that they were actively working on it. From recent correspondence, I am assuming that no other telco apart from T-Mobile is suffering from these problems?? My top tecnical guy says that by removing the sim-lock, his phone is 100% Coincidence or urban myth?
  9. It was the "Let's stay on topic please" I was on about as I believed that the thread was doing just that. Further information. The losing connection problem is also affecting the T-Mobile MDA Mail devices which are slightly different technology, I believe (???). So, yes, T-Mobile do seem to ne having some form of congestion problems as well as the other ongoing one of the Varios believing that they are on holiday abroad.
  10. Much as I hate to upset the main man, but isn't the topic "Problem with direct push on T-Mobile"? and isn't that what is actually in the latest correspondence? Determininig if it is just T-Mobile or also affecting other carriers seems relevant as does the fact that the devices seem to be resetting and that T-Mobile are pointing the finger at Microsoft. For business users who have chosen to implement Windows Mobiles rather than Blackberry devices, losing contact intermittently is a genuine problem that causes problems for the technology department and having a forum where we can see "we are not alone" and when someone gets a reolution is actually very important. I go further - there is no point in salivating over the latest slightly different micro-jump in hardware if the wretched carrier service is beginning to fail and get unreliable. Rant over.
  11. Can I home in on 3 points here please without hijacking the discussion. 1. The roaming triangle when the phone thinks you are roaming. I rang T-Mobile about this as some of my company's devices had stopped syncing. Tech Support said that they knew of this problem and put the fault at Microsoft's door who had "updated their software recently". Now just how they have managed to update my MDA Compact / Vario's firmware over the air without my knowledge eludes me for the moment, but the very helpful lady actually rang HTC and came back within a couple of hours telling me that as a temporary fix, to set the "Allow connection when roaming". (I had already twigged that!) However, I still have the conical triangle and, yes, I have reset, taken out the battery, etc. So why this has just arisen over the last few days is a mystery. (T-Mobile say it only affects a small number of devices.) 2. Device not connecting at times. We have a couple of users with this problem away from base at times although it does connect when they arrive in the office. This suggests that there is a T-Mobile fault due to reception or congestion in their area. 3. Sync cycle resetting from "as it arrives" to "manual". This has happened to a number of my users and I don't know why. Anyone else suffered or got an idea why? Lastly, are these problems only with T-Mobile or do any other networks have these sort of faults? (Obviously I am using Exchange Server and we have not made any changes to it to cause the current problems that only appear to be a couple of weeks old. ) Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I have 2 sub folders in my Outlook Inbox that also show on my WM5 device, so you are not imagining it. Check the properties on these folders in Outlook and also your Active Sync settings. In Active Sync / Options/ Exchange Server Settings, just check that your Email sync shows that it sees your sub folders. I know you may not want to sync them, but check that Active Sync makes them visible. Try ticking one of the sub folders for syncing just to see if it suddenly becomes visible on the WM5 device. As a last rsort, delete the connection from Active Sync and then remake it again.
  13. Thanks for bot replies. Will look at Active Sync 4.5, but I am not sure this will be the problem as the user gets her diary/email linked by remote Direct Push from our server and it is when she is remotely based the problems occur. Incidentally, both my Head of Technical Services and I (I use a MDA Compact II) have had to reset our devices a few times as they seem to have lost the Direct Push connection . Ah well, it's Microsoft, of course. However, I would be glad to hear if anyone else has had the initial problem I started the topic with and also if they have solved it.
  14. Two suggestions as this has happened to me before with Smartphones and PDAs. 1. Try a different USB port if you have one. 2. Remove the connection from the Active Sync devices and then let it remake it from acratch - 2 minute job. This may work and both are worth trying.
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