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  1. i.e. it's still not uploaded, so not available for download =)
  2. The lunch command selecting the right target. No idea. Use what is generated. Ok.. so whats the question?
  3. Your libcamera.so didn't get extracted as part of the unzip. unzip it and add it to the proprietary files.
  4. I've added build instructions to the third post of this topic: http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...nline-kitchen/#
  5. Busybox is included, but does not provide sshd. That's provided by dropbear, which is not included. And I am no longer building this ROM, as noted in one of the posts. I'll move that to the front post.
  6. Change to high quality. When the video is playing, menu and select high quality.
  7. Headphones work fine for me and no one else has reported this. Calendar works fine...
  8. One or two people have reported it, but I've not heard anything conclusive.
  9. http://source.android.com/download Indeed, people can install it on their own, but there are other outstanding fixes that need to be pushed out but the build tree is in an inconsistent state. This ROM also works fine with good battery. What you guys don't see to understand is that they are the same.. and experiences vary wildly from one to day another, one installation to another. There is an issue with the kernel, and that is nothing we can fix. KaguDroid and this ROM are the same. Full stop.
  10. That's just not true. Every other 2.1 ROM has similar battery drain issues. There are plenty of people using cm-hero that have no drain issues, and others that do. Then there are times that the phone will just drain really quickly. KaguDroid is the only other 2.1 ROM. It uses the exact same sources as I use. They're the same, literally. So again, I'm not sure what you expect anyone else to do.
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