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  1. You can get HTC IME now. Porting Sense to the GN. Nothing really works yet though, too much Qualcomm dependencies in Sense UI. http://imgur.com/a/EMBPZ#0
  2. Here's a good place to start: www.freeyourandroid.com/guide/compile-ics
  3. Well, anything that requires certificates like an enterprise wifi login would fail. You do know face unlock is a cool feature, and is NOT supposed to be used for security right?
  4. it's because you have credential storage active. So you've either got certificated installed onto your phone or you've have VPN set up.
  5. These guys now have the European Galaxy Nexus unlock database. You should give them a try, they give you a refund if it doesnt work. www.samsungimeiunlock.com
  6. Your best bet is your local unlocking store. They usually have contacts at samsung who can look for it in their DB, it's not gonna be in a stolen db right now. Or you can spend £20 on a rebel sim and it will work on any phone.
  7. The Google Wallet app just emulates your card on paypass, so it should definitely work on any contactless payment terminal that supports paypass. However, the apk does not work on the Galaxy Nexus.
  8. I know 5 people (not working for htc) who have the leak, including me :rolleyes:
  9. why are you talking about vr6 on modaco....
  10. shenye

    What have I done?

    take a photo of it, i think you might be in bootloader, but take a photo so i can confirm. If you are in bootloader, i can help you revive your hero.
  11. Here's the link: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/04/17/...enius+Report%29 and commence trolling.....NOW!
  12. Yeah, it should. fastboot boot recovery *.img <== only boots the recovery image, it doesnt flash it replace "boot" with "flash" and it does get flashed. if you wanna erase it, put "erase" instead of "boot"
  13. for the people like me who saw this and took 30 seconds to read it, what he means is: "For daily use, MoDaCo is still better than the 2.1 ROMs! Even though it uses Rosie, it is still better than the Vanilla ROMs :D That's the truth;-)"
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