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  1. thank you very much for the bundle, didnt find anything easier, great work. i have one milestone though, after the install android boots once and the doesnt boot again.... screen just goes black and i have to reboot ... could you suggest something please ?
  2. did android ask anyone if they would like to format their sd card due to free space ?? its asking me, and i dont know what to answer ... plz help
  3. ive been using the latest for time, comes really handy when you have a planned daily schedule. wouldnt say that it has any problems whats so ever. IMHO a must have
  4. installed a dialer from newforce... no phonebook.. is there a separate phonebook cab available ?? the recorded files are stored in the corresponding folder in the phones memory.
  5. what i was trying to say is how can i remove the text that didnt change its place even in the "new" wm. (still in the top left corner...)
  6. 6.5.x doesnt work ... is there a working one for thу mentioned above ?? thanx
  7. ive been on a russian rom for about 2months now, sorry to break it, but never seen a rom that good on modaco.... it would have been great if the 2 shared experiences, it would make the o2 world a much better place.
  8. maybe its becouse of a cab i installed over the standard windows dialer??
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