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  1. It's been almost been 6 months since Eric Schmidt made that announcement. Surely a UK-specific Google TV device must be imminent now. I hope so because it seems a bit pointless to import an old Logitech Revue nowadays considering it isn't supported anymore. It's a fine device but I'm hoping something new is coming, with full Google backing, ICS, and UK content. Mobile World Congress is in 2 weeks time so that would be the perfect time to launch it. Come on Google.
  2. What is the screen resolution? HVGA? It needs to be within the £70 price range to be worth considering, imo.
  3. Huawei have released the source code for their U8800 PRO kernel 2.6.35 (Gingerbread). http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDMxNDI= Not sure if it will be of any use to Ideos X5 users but who knows.
  4. Am I right in thinking the HTC 3D API is very similar to the LG 3D API except they're under proprietary package-names so totally incompatible. I think most devs would steer clear of proprietary APIs unless they have a really good reason. So it would be better if HTC were to form consortium's with the other manufacturers to create universal standards.
  5. :( Typical. The main thing I liked about Huawei was that I could restore the firmware if anything went wrong. Without it, their phones become far less attractive. It's a shame they've done that.
  6. I've updated the links on the U8800 wiki page but unfortunately there is another problem. Most of the files now require a login account. If anyone manages to create an account with the right privileges then please tell us all how.
  7. There is a U8800Pro.xml UAProfile which gives some basic info. A quick comparison against the standard U8800.xml shows the Pro has Android 2.2.2 and Bluetooth 2.1 whereas the previous U8800 had Android 2.2.1 and Bluetooth 2.0. It just seems to be a minor ROM upgrade as far as I can tell.
  8. Have you tried installing the original firmware for your U8510? In case you haven't, the links can be found at the wiki: http://wiki.modaco.c..._Firmware_U8510 Within the zip file there will be a .PDF document explaining how to flash it. If it works it will restore your phone back to it's original state thereby losing any changes you've made. If it doesn't then you're screwed. Good luck.
  9. There is a B163 firmware if anyone is interested. http://www.huaweidev...re&softid=40497
  10. Seems reasonable for the price. I'm not sure how I feel about 5 inch displays - does that make it a tablet or a phone? If it has a 3G sim that would be good. Even better if kernel source is available.
  11. Sebastian404 has created a recovery image for the Orange Barcelona / Huawei U8350. Head on over to this thread.
  12. Cool. I've no idea what the differences are between the 8255 and 7X30 but hopefully some of it's Gingerbread libs might work on the U8800.
  13. Do a search for "[email protected]". Android will soon be able to connect to any device around the home. It remains to be seen if people will buy household appliances controlled from their phone/tablet though. Starting out as a constrained phone OS could be a benefit. It's far easier to grow the level of information displayed to suit the screen size than to shrink it. Android was always designed to adapt to different screen resolutions. It is already expanding to the TV and will ultimately reach PCs. Admittedly it will take several more years of evolution before it could replace your PC operating system. The future operating system will run on every device. In your car infotainment system; In your TV; In your home entertainment hub; Perhaps your fridge too. To be truly useful they should all run the same software. And there will be no need for fragile hard drives because, like it or not, the data will be stored in the cloud and shared between all of your devices. As Microsoft recently said “The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems.” You'll still need a laptop + tablets + phone and more. They each have their own uses. If the data is moved to the cloud they may have lower failure rates but they'll still need regular upgrading.
  14. It does seem expensive compared to other Huawei phones. Superetrader currently give it a pre-release price tag of £334.80 :o but hopefully that will drop when the official prices are announced. http://www.superetra...n-sim-free.html I'm curious about the CPU. Will it be msm7627 or msm7630? Huawei seem to be focusing on msm7627 at the moment. They've released Gingerbread and kernel source code for their msm7627 based products. However if the Vision turns out to be msm7630 then some parts of it's Gingerbread ROM might be usable on the U8800?
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