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  1. The Android part of the light sensor not implemented yet ( the lux data you can reach from /sys/class/lightsensor/switch_cmd/get_lux) , but inside the lightsensor module implemented the auto backlight feature ( and set it on in init.rc ), so in strong light there is a brighter display as in winmo. Same true for the proximity - working on the Android interface.
  2. No , to avoid mistakes you MUST use the filename o2b2update.* for beta2 , o2bupdate.* is for the original beta.... It is hardcoded in /loadmod
  3. Surprisingly there were some (many ) files which were not comitted to the SVN in the first step, so it was necessary to commit the missing fiiles again.... Now the SVN is the same as the original beta2
  4. The filesys is mainly for fresh install, because the /bin,/xbin,/system/xbin content changed - but if you copy it to an existing beta filesystem, you will have many unnecessary files, but I think it will work well
  5. What can I say when in the original Samsung code at the returnig from sleep without any condition simly wakelocked the device - preventing it going to sleep again forever ( if you not re-insert the usb cable) ??????
  6. The O2 has a fuel gauge chip, which exactly knows the battery health percentage ( from the charge/drain current). I saw the the nice "correction" of the charge level code which above 80% higher the accu % level - but I think the truth is the 92%, so you see the uncorrected native value according your battery health. You can check it in WinMo also... In the case better to "correct"' the level in this case to 100%, please let me know......
  7. Where do you found that? There is such part in the 2D driver in the code, but WITHOUT comment around the USE_
  8. It seems that the high density/speed SDHC card cause problems - resulting sooner or later a damaged filesystem. So until we can issue a new beta using the internal flash, please use the "old" 1-2G SD card for android if possible....
  9. Thanks for the patch - it was not implented, wiil be examined how it works. Regarding the recompile, not fully understand what you ask for ( for ex. what the "latest source" means). But on the trac you can study what was necessary to modify in the original code of the 2d/3d drivers - that part of the svn is up to date...
  10. The 2/3D drivers are from an quite old version of the opensource samsung, modified to work with domain gating enabled....
  11. ***** NEW VERSION! ******** There were some minor glitches in the first version, for example the autoupdate script (dealing with o2bupdate.tar.gz and .sh) was not working, etc... So everybody who downloaded the image before 12:45 CET, please download the new....
  12. Sorry, the reboot doesnt work well on that image, therefore the error- but in the case you got the Done message, it means everything was fine, so the image is ready to use
  13. The zip file must unpack to the My Storage - there are no other option when using the o2beta install. Manually you can copy the ext2.tar.gz to any ext2/3 partition and adjust the default.txt for the haret.

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