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  1. Thanks. I'm glad to see the galaxy nexus supports having a solid notification light and faster flash rates than the nexus one. I'm therefore going to move the flash rate to be specific to the notification type and add some more speeds. I miss having a dedicated solid charging/charged light that the nexus one had.
  2. Thanks. I've picked my Galaxy Nexus up today, so I'll be having a play to see if I can add any new cool features to lightflow for the it. I always put a little more effort into getting new features working on the phone I have :-)
  3. Thanks for your support and glad it's working for you. Even more so because I'm getting a Galaxy Nexus myself. I just wish three uk would budge a little on price!
  4. I've heard some reports of controlling the led working with my app in the market - Light Flow (or Light Flow lite) I would be interested to hear if that works for you.
  5. Fingers crossed it's notification LED is as good as on the Nexus One. It's a major feature for me and I couldn't go to a phone with a rubbish one.
  6. Sorry to not talk you out of it, but to me I like the idea. I've always thought the "menu" button in android was daft as you never know if it is going to do anything. With screen buttons it'll only show when it can do something. Of course the same could be done with hardware if they just made the led behind it light up when it could be pressed and no on other occasions.
  7. Same here, but I only got £320 for the desire (not through ebay to save on fees), but got a nexus one for £330 from cex.co.uk
  8. Paul, did you have any more luck getting the FM radio from the desire to work on the nexus one.
  9. I went through the process of getting a desire, also not liking the inconsistencies, so ended up selling my desire for £320 and got a 2nd hand nexus one for £330. Must say I'm much happier with the nexus (apart from the soft-keys). I also picked up an original desktop dock for £25 and have the car dock on it's way - which the desire doesn't have anything silimar.
  10. Well I'ved managed to source an N1 for an ok price. So have both at the moment. I going to keep the N1 and sell the desire. I do like the desire keys as the N1 soft buttons are not too good, but I do prefer the stock android rom. Thanks for all the comments. So if anyone wants an HTC desire unlocked and unbranded I'm happy to sell it for £335.
  11. That only worked on pre-production versions. The prod version doesn't include all the default launchers etc - so there's no non-sense option, it just relaunches sense ui.
  12. FM Radio, slightly more memory and a fully working sense UI, real buttons under screen and optical mouse.
  13. I know there's a fair risk, that's why I'm ideally trying to do an exchange with somebody in a commutable area so the swap could be done in person.
  14. Are there any scratches to the screen? Would it be possible to take photos? I'm a fair way from you (Leeds, West Yorkshire)
  15. Thanks for the interest, I might wait and see if anyone in the UK is interested first, as postage to the US is quite expensive. Still may be interested though.
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