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  1. A SIMPLE GUIDE TO AUTO-INSTALL CM_BETA2 TO i8000 INTERNAL STORAGE Guys, screw the so-called geeks n pro's here.. badword you all for causing more confusion and pain by not doing things right... all people need are simple instructions - not your BS! So here goes... 1) OPTIONAL: Flash your i8000 with any Windows ROM (in case you've mucked around with the partitions etc) 2) Remove the SD card Set USB connection to STORAGE Make the 3 partitions in the INTERNAL STORAGE using either MiniTool partition wizard (or Ubuntu Linux if your comfortable with that) Partions are to be as below i) FAT partition named: sdcard (this is all the space u have minus the below 2 partitions) ii) EXT4 partiton named: system (make this 1 GB) iii) LINUX SWAP partion no name needed (keep 256MB here) 3) Reboot your mobile, connect to your computer via USB in MASS STORAGE mode and open the the new MY STORAGE using Windows explorer 4) On your desktop download and open the CM_beta2.zip Unzip it, open up the o2beta folder, delete the sd.cpio. Now rename the sd_ms.cpio as Sd.cpio 5) Dump all the files from this CM_beta2 folder you just unzipped into the phone's MY STORAGE partition using windows 6) Now put in any SD card into your phone (this is just to keep errors from coming up during install - the card itself will not be used) 7) Disconnect your phone from laptop, and using any file exploer in the mobile, go into this O2beta folder and click on Androidinstall.exe - now wait 10 mins or so 8) Remove SD card now once install completed. 9) The auto-install is complete but u cannot load your O2Droid as the STARTUP.TXT file has to be edited. Do this: Open the txt file named "startup.txt" in your phone's STORAGE and erase the ''block/'' word from the command line Also rewrite the ''vmalloc=256M'' command in the ''startup.txt'' file (delete and write) It should now look like this: Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" 10) Now click HARET.exe and wait for it to load - takes another 10 mins for the first time 11) Your now running your new O2Droid on internal storage :) 12) Sadly the SD card parameters are still messed up and to get the camera or apps to work u need a SD CARD partition mounted. We can mount the partition we made named "sdcard" but you need to boot using Linux! Use a Ubuntu live CD, or any other Linux distro and connect your Omnia to it. -Open file vold.fstab from system/etc and change the following line: Edit "ev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.0/mmc_host/mmc0" to show "ev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.1/mmc_host/mmc1" Now reboot your phone. 13) If you want a good dual boot, get hold of Rapid81 RapidBoot1.1 . Its a great tool to dual boot Win or Android. X) What I have not figured out as yet is how to get the external SD card work and be recognized in the O2Droid :( Hope my two bits here help you guys out who have like me been wasting time over old useless turorials written for beta 1 or froyo.... Cheers TheShadeEffect!
  2. Its Tomorrow!!:D Waiting for the 4.12 :P For those who'd like to experiment... here's something to make SENSE 2.5 rotate Enjoy ! Shade5
  3. But this JD6 is 6.5.0 not 6.5.5 right? You mentioned your working on a new ROM... will u upload a new ROM soon? What a fantastic week this is for Sense on O2 :P p.s : Mediafire is unlimited , faster and FREE :D:D :P :P
  4. Rapid81 Still not understood... whats the difference in JD1/JD3/JD6 ?? And any chances you'd do the www.mediafire.com upload ?
  5. Hi Rapid81 U sounded real happy to get the JD6 here Can u please explain whats the difference in JD1, JD3, JD6 & why you want to revert to JD1? :P Maybe post a link that explains the differences (revision history) @ Jeffrey: 6.5.5 ?? :P @Rapid81: Is that dream coming true ?? :D P.S: Could you please mirror host even on http://www.mediafire.com/ It's gives a Resume option - downloaded JD6 (4.11) 6 times over, still no luck getting a full download :P
  6. Sweet Stuff ! Will flash my O2 with this one as soon as your done posting links. So what's the Pagepool set to on this one ? And you reckon there's no improvement using say a 16MB Pagepool to the OS performance ?
  7. Can't wait for this upload... pressing F5 every 20 mins :P Rapid81 what's the performance change when changing the Pagepool ? Does a bigger Pagepool have any performance benefits ? Kudos to ur work Shade5
  8. @ Jesbie Yep ! Flashed ROM & CSC :P Master Reset (* 2767 * 3855 #) :D Hardware Reset (UP Vol + Lock + Call + HangUp) :P Installing Sense 2.5.cab.... UNSUCCESSFUL :P Any suggestions ?
  9. @RAPID81 Have u checked out Sinan's ROM ? He's managed some fantastic numbers on RAM & ROM Memory on a WM 6.5.0 Rom too!! Maybe you could pull those in to get your latest ROM to out-beat them all yet again. And I have a query - how does reducing the PagePool affect performance ?? Cheers Shade5
  10. "For the people interested... I'm using Gary Crutcher's "GC_JD3_23563_Lite.nb0" 6.5.5 lite rom with the Separate Sense 2.5 Installer by nOObody/Rapid." Hi RAPID81 & JEFFREY2000 I tried installing the Separate Sense 2.5 Cab on two different ROM's 1) KhuanChai's 6.5.5 Lite ROM (http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-ii-gsm-rom-discussion/298087/rom-wm-6-5-5-i8000-rom-with-bt-voice-dialing-thai-eng-version/#entry1135008) 2) Sinan's 6.5.0 Lite ROM (http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-ii-gsm-rom-discussion/304094/rom-sinans-i8000-jd4-wm6-1-ultralite-rom/) The JD9 CSC was also flashed , all done using OCTANS 2.14 However the Separate Sense 2.5 Installer cab after doing the whole 20 minutes installing bar's says "Installation of nOObody/Rapid Sense 2.5 Installer was Unsuccessful" Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what the glitch is ? Cheers Shade5
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