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  1. Hi I have paid for my y300 unlock code 24 hours ago and still havent got my code yet. Could you please look into this? Cheers
  2. guys, i am having an issue. Volume button wake up is not working when phone is in ringtone mode. if i turn down volume to zero and enable vibration then volume button wake up works
  3. some apps are fcing. dolphin browse r, ma ton btowser , built-in browser, Facebook, eBay. any solution for this yet?
  4. guys.. i need a help. i have been using a dell streak in bangladesh with rebel sim II. but i dont get edge no matter what i try. i have R on my signal bars i presume what means Roaming. I have enabled use data while roaming and entered correct apn. but still no internet. any idea how to it? cheers
  5. any one found any solution to this problem? i am having same thing and dont have warranty.
  6. what will you do with that space mate? and boot time...... how much time it will save? 10 secs...... 20 secs.......... does that matter really much? and definitely we dont reboot our phones 10-15 times a day. and max people definitely want to customize their phones with themes, fonts, colors etc.
  7. if that remains a choice of options on the users then its fine but otherwise many themes will be dishearted and as well as many users. i got at least 20 pm's in xda-dev from users to continue with my editing of clock and date font color but i had to tell them that as mdc 3.0 and upwards are odexed its impossible to change the services.jar.
  8. jnwhiteh: bro how many ppl reported that your roms are significantly slow? odex files might make change but thats way to small. it wont make a lame horse to a jet plane. your roms are always fast and that fast which is very good usable. so please dont make your roms odexed. cheers
  9. guys... please dont make odex roms for god's sake. making roms odexed will prevent from changing font color and some other theming features. it will make boring roms. just quality isnt everything. we need good face with quality, too.
  10. jnwhiteh: bro i have wiped data and ext3 and installed the cynaogen rom. but i find the internal storage is decreasing after i install every application. it was 0 mb used when i installed the rom and now its 40mb used. and i installed root explorer and found out that no sd directory inside /system. then i wiped and re-installed rom again and found out that no sd directory created and i dint even find any app2sd script in the rom as well. could you please have a look? cheers
  11. whats the link for cyanogen-eclair-hero-beta1???
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