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  1. i did some research and now trying out codename 1.5.0 , next day 1.5.5 was released :P too laazy to flash it ! but its really smooth, gave me extra battery juice. thats what mostly im aiming at ! thanks all again :)
  2. Hello all ! im back to android world ! since my HTC Hero , i got bold9700 then bold 9900, now sweet galaxy nexus gsm . Now there are few general questions i would like to ask since im really outdated here :D so let me go straight to the point #1 Does rooting block your access to market, like it did back with HTC hero ? #2 which recovery boot should i use ? last time i remember there was this RA something :P do i still need to have signed roms ? #3 since we dnt have SD card, will all my pictures etc be gone ? so would it mean i got to back up everything then transfer it back? #4 there are soo many roms out there for samsung nexus, i always had trust in modcao's roms and that what i will try out first. but maybe someone could give me a very brief description of top lets say top 5 roms in your belief ? and #4 plz remind me what are these i9250XWKK8 firmwares :S difference? #5 now concerning the app space, do the get saved on some other internal memory other than the big one ? i think that would be all, if you think i could miss out on some basics i would be soo thankful to enlighten me I really appreciate your reply and thanks in advance :)
  3. Same problem - SOlution replace Digitizer ;) already orderd one. Good luck
  4. dnt be cheap :) so you wont regret it !
  5. Well you could simply go to a service center or send it to HTC branch in UK or something :) repair will cost you around £80 , i've asked in Poland its £92 so you should expect it in that range. So im guessing you want to replace if because of the scratch ?
  6. Ebay Digitizer i've ordered this :) waiting for it to arrive, need 2 more weeks because its taking a rout from there to US then to Middle east ;)
  7. Is it me or it has problem with playing sounds ? i installed this rom today and noticed my ringtones are not quite the same i switched back to MDR and i did feel the difference. could anyone else confirm this ?
  8. Thank you guys for your support.. i will be ordering to asap and will update you guys how i did :( thanks for the info !!
  9. So i will ask you here, as in others can benefit from it. so i don't have to use any oven to heat up the glue n push it out ? or use some kind of heat source to glue it back ? does it come with glue on the screen ? :(
  10. Sounds good.. you know any other places i can order it from !? :( thanks
  11. Well i have searched there ! one place i should and i haven't ! thanks :( Now can anyone tell me if my assumptions are correct or wrong, that since the touch is failing here i should be replacing it. any suggestions ? or maybe some other web that i can get the screen and parts ?
  12. So, as it seems my hero is broken - i can't send it to repair service, because i live in Lebanon . I'm to up to the task of repairing it myself , as it seems it's the touch screen that needs to be replaced. And it seems this is the item : Htc Hero touch screen . I wasn't aware that the LCD screen and Touch are not the same, since my touch is not working the way it supposed to i guess that's the part i want to be replacing. can anyone help me out here ? I've been googling for tutorials but with no result, so i want to order that part but first i need to make sure that what i will be doing will be manageable by me or at least if i get the part myself i can give it to some other service center that knows and have tools to do that job fairly good. Thanks in advance. PS: please correct me if i'm possibly mistaken somewhere here in my understanding in which part to replace.
  13. I tried wiping and reflashing. using MCR 3.1, no use .. it doesn't happen always,but often. I wont be sending it to service anytime soon, as i live in Lebanon, I'm hoping its humidity that got it somehow. GOnna try letting it dry in the shade in a moderate heat during the day.
  14. Well i have no idea but since before yesterday,my Hero is acting very weird ( PMS? ) the screen doesn't respond they way it supposed to. It didn't fall , didn't get wet .. and no one has access to it. I will be adding a video, i was trying to catch it on film how it happens, usually it "shakes" way more . Any suggestions ? EDIT : Video
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