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  1. Thanks, I had already purchased tasker, so no extra cost for me! Thanks for the code, I added android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar" as suggested and put it on my device and it works as promised... :-) //Gunnar
  2. Thanks, kind of works on my KE2 Before installing app I got no question whatsoever and nothing started (I had frozen vlingo using titanium backup), Now I get the option to select between widget locker and voice search. is there any way to get more applications to choose from or is it bound to what actions they responds to? //Gunnar
  3. ahhh thats why my pants felt like they were on fire, and the music was stuttering. Thanks, will try to setup the gmail again and see if it goes back to normal lukewarm temperatures again. //Gunnar
  4. yes the youtube quality really screams "It's a two year old device!!!" I have found that for "just" browsing youtube the app you get from m.google.com works quite well. (go there using pocket internet explorer, or use the cab below) Sorry if this is old news but I had quite large problems finding this until I realised that I get different options at m.google.com depending on which browser I went there with. so just disregard my post in that case. //Gunnar YOUTUBE.CAB
  5. I'm on JH2, not noticing any especially high drain with aeb+, but I will try to live without it for a day or two and see if it gets even better, I'll be back... //Gunnar
  6. +1 "solved" it by changing the name of the accounts when entering account information again. I think it has happened 3 or four times in the last two - 1½ years. //Gunnar
  7. try out AEBPlus, it has the option to make a shortcut that toggles bluetooth. Its might be overkill to install AEBPlus just for that, but what the heck, its now free... and you might find it usefull for other things too. http://ae.inc.ru/aebplus.php //Gunnar
  8. Hi all just saw that a great software which I have used for a long time now have turned freeware http://ae.inc.ru/aebplus.php Since the devices that can use this software is nearing end of life the author probably just did not have the energy to support the licensing solution. Kind Regards //Gunnar PS could it be an Aprils fool joke? DS
  9. try searching for cube in this thread http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...abs-repository/ Good luck
  10. I use vostradamus mobile shell manager to create invisible shortcuts to samsung apps that i place above the ms default ones. works great! //Gunnar
  11. I use a headset with FM radio receiver in it , an SE MW-600. works great so far. //Gunnar
  12. I used to use an extension cord so that the antenna got longer and the reception got a bit better. Now I use an SE MW-600, a bluetooth headset with a2dp, avcrp and a FM-radio receiver. In my opinion the FM reception in that headset is better than the omnia 2.
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