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  1. @KSTAN.....how about a new rom? maybe jc2 ultralite....there is gary`s rom, have`nt tried it but i`m holding on for yours as they are the most reliable.
  2. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=49395 how can i change this background color from white to black?
  3. @gchris i have a question: does wm use accuweather or other provider for titanium?....i believe that the weather from titanium was better since it did more updates and it was more accurate...could there be done anything to go from accuweather to titanium provider? p.s: i really badly need icons..the ones in first post are not enough and i cant find the one i need on my phone: wm market, opnmarket, cabxpress, softreset, cleanram, midomi and games....help
  4. starting this topic i feel responsible to give some explanations...i like my o2 and in some ways it still surprises me and makes me enjoy it...as i said i like the way it looks and it usability while using kstans lite rom and gchris titanium theme...best config ever and still to see smthg better at other units....dont like many screens as for android(borring and tiresome)...ipho is still just a phone....also i believe the stilling of the o2 compared to others is great...o2= nice suite/ android=jeans & t-shirt/ ipho=trendy but sleazy...in fact the main problem of the o2 is that specs compared it should be 2nd or 3rd ranking phone out there...its marginally inferior to the x10 and somewhat inferior to hd2(as for hardware)....but it doesnt perform as it should for its specs...and there i believe the problem of the phone resides....i still hope for porting android....at least as an option
  5. please link me tachan as i realy dont know what patch u mean....if it is regarding 3d...tried it once, while usin one of secanys rom and it messed it all up...had to hard reset....if its smthg else pls tell
  6. second the idea of a bounty....as for tachaan...i respect your words for your contribution here...however...theres not enough ram on the o2/or management of it to surf the web with anything else than opera mini...anything else is to much for this phones little hear to take...
  7. as i said i like the way my o2 looks right now and i also find it borring and tiresome the way android uses 5\7 screens (nexus/desire)....i like having everything i need on just a screen...i must admit that o2 was my first wm unit, learned alot, found the yays abd nays and i also need to say that i was fooled by the specs of o2...thought i was gonna get gaming and business perfomance out of it...while lately i came to realise that phones this day are still a long way from allowing to compose anything more than mails, in the section of games i still drewl over iphone and hate samsung for giving birth with wm to such a beautifull retard supermodel..that's why, after checking gsmarena and reading the latest news about wp7 think that it will do us good. iphone os, at first didnt really support multitasking and through apps it does...i believe that microsoft cant be that stupid not enable the usage of , lets say music while browsing, while having under the hood at least 1 ghz cpu etc...they have to allow for some multitask...minimal at least...i also dont know what to say about htc and robot....i'd buy one tomorow but what are the cons to android...and also are there real nice games?
  8. From recent events I get the ideea that we're nearing the end of omnia2 time and I wonder what to do next. I also think this might be a question on many of your minds....do we keep or sell the unit? Right now my o2 is set up with kstan lite 6.5.5 rom and gchris theme..it's cool in terms of look but still it lacks something...ram and it also lacks games and 3d software. What do you guys think....any1 interesred in buying an omnia?
  9. i guess gchriss would first ask you if you installed it on device or storage...you should do it on device...and since my answer was only to start talking to you i`m gonna go ahead and ask you how did you get the writing in that font, because mine is different
  10. just installed v 1.2.1 while using kstan 6.5.5 lite ja5 rom...thanks gchris...i love my phone again...and btw the only thing screwing up this phone is samsung nad it`s customisation
  11. so the Nexus is probably a better choice if you wanna flash often and try different types of rom...btw who would like to change his/hers N1 for an Omnia2 plus difference? :())probably no one
  12. 2 questions: ho to enable new panels? and second how to link existing panels to samsung apps?
  13. simple question...will it be able to flash a ram from N1 to desire instead of the other way around? to put a plain android on the desire?
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