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  1. Paul, Will this ROM work with the one I bought from Amazon? or is it the wrong version? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Android-Google-Player-Smart-512MB/dp/B008XX29WS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Louis
  2. HELP! My 2x keeps shutting down (BSOD, SOD) at random times. It seems to increase in frequency the further through the day. For example, I had no shutdowns this morning, and then at about 1pm I couldn't wake the phone up, and had to yank the battery. By 4pm, it was happening every few minutes. I've found out that lots of users have had this problem, but no matter what I try, it doesn't help. However, if I'm listening to music, it doesn't happen. It only occurs when the screen is off and nothing else is running. This happened on the stock Froyo ROM and also every version of CyanogenMod I've tried. I've updated the baseband to the latest version, and have also installed the latest nightly of CM, but to no avail. I found a thread on XDA today that suggested it was to do with voltages and CPU frequencies. I followed the advice and installed IronKernel 32Mb RAM-fix (which greatly improved the performance, but it still shuts down. I've tried configuring different voltages with SetCPU and setup a profile for "Screen Off", but I cannot stop it happening. Is it faulty hardware? I bought the phone as "reconditioned" from Amazon and have about 15 days of my 30 day return window left. However, I've read that all 2X's suffer from this problem. Please help as I love the phone (especially for the price I paid), but cannot rely on it. Current Setup is as follows: - CM7 Nightly (204) - Baseband: 1035.21_20110725 - IronKernel: 194 - ModVersion: CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC0 Optimus2X KANG - Build: GWK74 Any ideas people? Many many thanks in advance!
  3. Fair enough. I started the page ages ago and like the other MoDaCo wiki pages for devices, added the basic information about the product (e.g. specifications). Also, it keeps the information in a central place where you don't have to access loads of third party sites for each device. But, ultimately, as many people have done before (e.g. setting up device specific pages, blogs and sites, for the ZTE Blade, Huawei Pulse etc.), most people end up coming back to MoDaCo (or XDA Devs, TabletRoms) as it usually is the first place this type of news happens.
  4. Erm, Paul has the MoDaCo Wiki... I started the Advent Vega page ages ago... You can even sign-in with your MoDaCo login... http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Advent_Vega
  5. The penguin is Tux, and usually one appears for each processor/core, so you get two on the Vega as it's dual core. This used to be quite common when booting earlier Linux distros, but most distros now silence the initial ramdisk (initrd) and kernel messages and cover it with a nice splash screen (plymouth etc.).
  6. http://developer.nvidia.com/tegra/forum/honeycomb-harmony
  7. I happen to agree. I am happy with my Vega especially after playing with the GTab in my local Carphone Warehouse, I found it quite clunky and slow (but I suppose that was the Stock ROM and not one of Paul's optimised versions). I just posted the article for reference (and quoted the articles headline). I have no intention of ditching my Vega. I just hope Honeycomb comes our way soon!
  8. http://www.electricpig.co.uk/2011/03/30/sa...ll-advent-vega/
  9. Just installed 0.2... USB Host mode refuses to connect to wireless (says "Error") USB Slave mode does connect to wireless Also, CIFS support doesn't work. CIFSManager now reports "Device Not Found"
  10. Oooh, can't wait until I have to wait for a virus scan to finish when I wake my tablet up to check my Twitter updates. Windows on my tablets... PASS!
  11. Just a quick thanks to Paul for all his hard work on the r7 release. Just installed it on my Vega and it is total bliss. Thanks mate, you will continue to get my continued financial support (MoDaCo subscriptions) for years to come. Have a beer, cider, whiskey (or whatever your tipple is) on me! Louis
  12. Not long now... http://twitpic.com/3tzsg0
  13. It seems Paul is working on his Galaxy Tab at the moment (he's been posting a lot of rants and raves on his Twitter stream). I'm sure when he gets a chance, he will have a look.
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