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  1. Yes this is a great phone, well I have to say it was.... First of yes it has GPS if you have the right ROM. Currently DOPOD rom supports GPS and it works great. But after couple of weeks of enjoying the phone one day it suddenly started acting up. The start menu started to pop up constantly and after couple of minutes the touch screen became completely useless. taking of the screen protector hard reset fixed the problem but couple of minutes more use and it has shows the same problem. Worse of all, I am not the only one having this problem. There are about 30 people on the XDA-developers.com that are experiencing this problem. So if you are thinking about buying this phone beaware... read about it at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=295043 BTW if anybody has an idea what this problem is related to please let me/us know. Thanks Serkan\
  2. btw I opened my wizard up with out the manual or directions, its pretty straight forward but do it at your own risk.... and take it slowly!!!!
  3. xda-developers.com has the service manual for the wizard on the ftp site but you will have to register for access.
  4. I remember reading part of a huge post about this here on modaco. I don't think anybody has a solution for it but if I am not wrong people had pretty much narrowed the problem down. I use Jabra 250 and the Logitech and had this problem with both.... Search for " static " you should find the post. Serkan
  5. I loved my audiovox until I migrated from ATT to Cingular couple days ago. I also started having problems with reception after the switch. Maybe your problems because of that too. Is there some settings that need to be changed after switching carriers???? Thanks Serkan
  6. this is great, I can't wait. I guess I will be buying my mpx220 sometime this week. Thanks for all the replies..... Serkan
  7. Hi all, I have an mpx200 and it has reception problems because of the internal antenna. I was wondering if the mpx220 has any reception problems too... thanks
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