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    SD/MMC Price (128/256 MB)

    Try it at VILLMAN megamall cyberzone bldg B, 4th level, or check their website at www.villman.com
  2. Try it at VILLMAN computer, twinmos sdcard 256mb for P4,588, check their website at www.villman.com for more details
  3. Try nyo sa VILLMAN computer sa makati, megamall o sm city, twinmos 256mb sdcard P4,588 lang. Call 8922222 for details or check their website at www.villman.com
  4. I have tried all the settings, and I was able to complete the mmsc address, but unfortunately I still cant make my mms work. I have even used different sim cards with active MMS. My GPRS and WAP settings are ok, I wonder where my problem is. Hope for any help you can extend, tnx
  5. Tnx guys, I'll look for it again, actually my problem really is the / symbol, thats why i was not able to complete the MMSC address, I will try your suggestion Martin. My GPRS settings are working fine with the SPVx and my MMS account is active since I can send and receive already using Nokia B4. I'll give an update later, Tnx again
  6. Sorry Dinoalbert, i haven't been around for a while, anyway its true, the units in virramall are brandnew, sealed and packaged as addict mobile units and are being sold on variable price ranges, if someones interested in trying to buy one, (they also accept trade-ins) you can contact this #09178260910, the name of the shop owner is Mya. I got mine @ P16.5T. Of course you will risk the warranty but you can still ask smart for some assistance if u bring your unit to them.
  7. I have tried the above settings but it still doesn't work, I can receive but can't download the pictures, (transfer failed msg) and can't send too, but i can access the GPRS and WAP already, by the way how were you able to type the / sign to write the http add, its not available in the characters. Hope you could help me make my MMS work. Tnx a lot.
  8. arvmd

    new smartamazing phone owner

    Tnx DinoAlbert and Anjo, I finally found the solution to my problem and was able to unlock my phone, its true that SPV unlock program only works on XP and i think windows 2000, but not with ME, or 98. I can use my phone now with globe although I still cant send MMS or use the GPRS.
  9. Try it at Virramall greenhills, they are now selling it with or w/out prepaid kits, but be sure to look around first because the prices ranges from P16.5T- P25T, with the same package. I got mine yest for P16.5T at a shop on the center of virramall, near the entrance door fronting AB Montessori. Just make sure to check the unit, anyway people there are very accomodating.
  10. arvmd

    new smartamazing phone owner

    Sir Dino albert, Hi, i have tried the unlock code procedure from lifeetc.org, how come i couldn't go beyond 0% message in the spv unlock code retrieval, I'm only using the usb cable that came with the unit, not the cradle, I hope u could help me or at least direct me to a shop who could do it, tnx
  11. Hi! Anyone who knows how to network unblock the SPVx from smart philippines amazing phone. I plan to use it on my globe sim, but i have tried the procedures on how to get the unlocking code from SPV Unlock.zip that I have downloaded from this site however after reaching the 7th step where the program displays "retrieving SPV Unlock code": I could'nt get beyond 0% message. I dont know if this is because I'm only using the USB cable that came with the unit instead of cradle and also using the SPV and not SPVx procedures. I hope u could help me on this, or at least direct me to somebody who could do it for me. No one from greenhills know how to do it yet, there are others who are saying that there is one in Shangrila mall edsa but they dont know the exact name of the store. Hoping for ur favorable response, Tnx ARV

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