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  1. I think I can help. For the alarm I recomend G-Alarm at http://bit.ly/9afzu1 For Streaming music/Video I recomend Kinoma play at http://bit.ly/bkPmei I even use it as my main music player It even has facebook, and twitter support and much more. For the ram issue I recommend Clean Ram at http://bit.ly/cSGCC1 Other got to have apps for me Everenote at http://bit.ly/9GGtxx Note taking app syncswith pc Freda Free ebook reader http://bit.ly/dgZyGw MyMobiler see your windows mobile screen on your pc at http://bit.ly/d3QDs6 A good media player if you don't want to pay for Kinoma is Nitrogen Player at http://bit.ly/crKZsA
  2. Are there any "benefits" to running a rom like this? You like titanium, or you like touchflo right? I'm I missing something?
  3. I've been thinking of making the switch myself. The Omnia is great, but after using the Palm Centro with a keyboard and going to the Omnia, I just have to have a keyboard. I've been looking at the Touch Pro 2, and the Droid, and even the Palm Pre, but it looks like developers aren't showing the Pre no love.
  4. It seems that the weather tab on m2d is an issue all around. Same for the latest roms from omniaroms.com
  5. I have been thinking about getting into the cooking game for myself, and maybe others, would this be all I need or is there more to cooking roms? P.S. My tech skills is "above average"
  6. I totally agree with Spirits Keeper M2D just seems more....um..smoother to use.
  7. Man that sucks, I was just getting use to waremike32 NuROMS, but I got to have evernote...I got to hunt for another M2D2 rom.
  8. I had the same issue, no matter what rom I used. I went and got kinoma player which does more than just media, facebook, twitter etc.
  9. I am happy you posted this. I was seeing apps when log out of market place, then when I login in to get them they were not there, I though it was an issue because of the custom rom I was running, or I had a bad marketplace cab. And kept flashing and installing/uninstalling, this was driving me crazy, glad to know it is nothing I did wrong. There must be away around this...right?
  10. Yes that is for verizon, I have the Verizon i910 also. Everyone seem to hate the stock verizon stuff, but going back, the omnia original stuff ain't bad at all.
  11. I was thinking that same thought last night, I have not seen a rom with omnia II stuff (I asume yo mean the i920 right?) But in the mean time I just started playing with lyorite 6.5.x with all the stock verizon stuff give that a try here lyoryte 6.5.x stock rom
  12. Device Name : Samsung i910 Operating System Version : Windows Mobile 6.5.X ROM type : Custom ROM
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