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  1. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader, install a custom bootloader and Cyanogenmod instead of CyanogenOS?
  2. The Zuk Z1 doesn't support Band 20 LTE (800Mhz), which is the frequency with the best coverage in my home country (Netherlands). Otherwise this would've been ideal indeed!
  3. How is your initial impression? Is it slow? Does it have a lot of bugs? Does Dual Sim work ok? I'm asking because my Sony Xperia Z3 Dual worked so bad: it used to cut off calls mid-conversation to lose all network connectivity. I went back to the original Moto G dual sim (XT1033) for stability sake. I want 4G, dual sim and a stable phone. Privacy settings on CyanogenOS is a bonus to me. Mine will arrive in a few days and if the software pleases me I might step up to the Wileyfox Storm as soon as it arrives.
  4. Paul, Did you manage to get root access on this device? If root is manageble on this phone, and the batterylife is agreeable, then I'll get this phone!
  5. A shame I just bought a Lenovo a760 with the same internals, but 4,5" and qhd for $113. I'm sure the Gf would've liked to have a smaller phone like the ZTE.. This should be a killer phone, small form Factor, 1gb ram and cheap as chips.
  6. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I'm sure you already must've fixed it, but I did the same thing a few months ago, with success. It's quite simple: unscrew all screws behind the batterydoor. Take off the plastic, undo all plugs. Now it's time to separate the glass from the digitizer. These are glued together. You can use a hairdryer to heat up the glue and divide them. I just pinched a hole through the front glass camera opening with a small screwdriver. This broke the glass and I could separate the glass bits from the digitizer. Putting things back together is as easy as going in reverse. ;-)
  7. I was really lucky to find a refurbished and unlocked huawei g615 for £170 for my mum: quad core, 1gb ram and 720p ips 4,5". It hasn't arrived yet, but if the build quality is anything like the g500 that I previously owned, than I'm a happy camper! Or my mum, that is ;) Really looking forward to reading your review!
  8. No Flac as audio playback?
  9. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    After a screen replacement, the home button fails to work and it doesn't charge anymore. I must've done something wrong.. Anyone know any solution?
  10. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Hey, I cannot find those pics on the Jiayu bbs. Do you mind posting them here? I need to open my phone for a screen replacement. I will take pictures, but will wait until I receive my newly ordered dual sim phone. Just in case ;) After some clicking around, I found the correct thread. Since that bbs is so slow, I pulled the pics. Can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/669141/Jiayu%20G2.zip
  11. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Btw, My only way to get to ROOT the phone was following this guide: http://www.modaco.co...lickroot-guide/ I've edited the first two parts for convenience: If you don't have the correct drivers, download the Android SDK kit and follow the instructions to install the driver. It should be Android ADB Device after installation. Download this package, extract it somewhere Ensure you enabled USB Debugging (Settings -> Developer Options) as well as Installation of Unknown Sources (Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources is checked) Connect your device (turned on) to the computer. Run the RunMe.bat (to be found in the JYG2.7z file), follow the instructions, I picked "Normal" (1) in the first step. It'll now show a message informing that if it's working it'll tell you, if it's not, it'll run forever, at this point look at the phone. It should be at a "Restore My Data" screen. According to the chinese site, DON'T SET ANY PASSWORD. Just press "restore my data". Your phone will reboot after this. Once rebooted. You have root.
  12. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Nope. I tested it for you, but the phone does not start if the battery is out/dead.
  13. bas-r

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I'm using the G2 now for a few days. I have experience with several Android phones, ranging from HTC, Sony, Sony-Ericsson to Samsungs. My last one was a Samsung Galaxy S3. I sold the S3 in anticipation of the Nexus 4. I bought the G2 as a spare, and maybe use it with my personal and work sim in it. I'm very pleased with the G2. It's relatively fast, the screen is fine, although the colours aren't as vibrant as I'm used to, battery life is excellent and Vanilla Android is a joy to use. Minor issues are - the loose button, which resonates when the phone vibrates, - scrolling through pages isn't as fast as I'm used to, it seems to stop as soon as you take your finger off the screen - notification lights are a bit too intense for my liking - colours of the screen aren't as vibrant as I'm used to Overall I think this phone is a winner: I love the speed, the weight in my hands, the battery life, dual sim, extendible storage and untouched Android.
  14. Thanks bro! The pdanet drivers didn't work for me, only the Google drivers from the SDK kit. Download and installed from here, http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html, then installed the Google drivers, and there, it worked! Rooted as advertised :-)
  15. I'm having the same problem as Enigmaximus. It keeps hanging at 0%. I'm proceeding Exactly like you stated.. Any ideas? It doesnt seem to enter flash mode. I'm trying this root guide now, which seems easier. http://www.modaco.com/topic/358626-jiayu-g2-oneclickroot-guide/
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