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  1. Now I'm confirmed the 2.2 beta could have livewallpaper with the methods in the thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...mnia-2-android/ Has someone found a way to use the FM Radio?
  2. I've manually install the Froyo successfully. Everything seems fine. One problem is the Camera is not so stable. Met the "force to close" error message after taking and reviewing a picture.Then the gravity sensor wasn't functional any more. And I found no way to rotate my screen to normal. Another problem is whether the new beta supports live wallpaper or not? After I downloaded and installedtold a live wallpaper, it told me it's not supported? BTW, just got a SOD. :) Anyway, the Froyo is much better than the old 2.1. Great thx to the dev team!!!
  3. Games as NinJump, Fruit Ninja and Bonsai Blast alse work like a charm. :D
  4. Nope。 All work is done when you are in Windows Mobile, not Android. Just another way of backup and recovery. For connect your Android with PC you still need the adb and such things. There could be something useful for you: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...e-omnia-2-info/
  5. Another way to backup your ext2/ext3 partition of My Storage: 1.The phone OS should be in Windows Mobile.Choose Big Memory Storage USB mode and select My Storage; 2.Plug the phone to your PC; 3.Download and run Ghost32 11.0 in PC; 4.In Ghost32, choose Local->Partition->To Image; 5.Then choose the "My Storage" disk, then OK; 6.Choose your ext2/ext3 partition,then OK; 7.Choose where you want to place the backup.GHO, OK and then you'll get a full backup.GHO of your ext2/ext3 partition. :D For recovery, you could also use the Ghost32 11.0 with the backup.GHO and it's very easy to do so. It could be easy to find information about ghost32 11.0 with Google: ghost32 11.0 PS: You should be careful to choose disk and partition in Ghost32. And you'd better be familiar with it in case it erase your partition or so on. But once you're familiar with it, you'll find it very easy to use. :D
  6. Well, what I did is as belows: 1.fomat my ext3 partion of my storage; 2.In puppy linux, untar the and copy all the contents in o2b2filesys.tar to the ext3 partion; -At this point, I got information about the two duplicated files: /modules/xt_mark.ko /modules/xt_MARK.ko I just chose "yes". 3.replace the older zImage with the one in o2b2filesys.zip; 4.add the 2D/3D drivers to system/lib/egl; -Then Android booted OK, but the GPRS/3G didn't work. 5.put the o2b2updat.tar.gz in my storage, after 2 reboots, the GPRS/3G just works as before. Some issues I noticed are as belows: -I still get some problem with the HomeSwitcher. So I highly recommand to remove it as without it we can still set the LaunchPro as default. -The time messing up is still there. The hour part is different in Android and WM.And even the hour in Android clock and in the Advanced Task Killer is different.For example, 20:00 in Android clock with 21:00 showing in Advanced Task Killer. -The available RAM is about 40MB, which is somehow small for a multi-task OS as Android. Could there be some method to increate it in the furture? -Calculator doesn't work. Anyway, the beta2 is much more stable for me and the battery drain seems less sericous.Great thx to all the dev team members and all the people who make our 02droid better and better.
  7. the phone in China does work now!!! great thx to the dev team!!!
  8. It can be confirmed there may be something different in China with the phone.The patches, the o2update and the sleep fix, have nothing help for the phone.Don't know why and find no solutions till now.Sigh...
  9. Believe me, I've done these changes lots of times.But it just doesn't work here. I've found something about it at here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Goog...2e732&hl=en But I've tried all the solutions there with no luck.Though it may has something to do with the network environment, as other Android phones could work well here, maybe there's still some place to improve our i8000's Android phone part. Regards.
  10. Same here.I've already reported it in the project issues.2d/3d update files and sleep fix haved already been patched with, but the error is still there.
  11. 1.I've run the angry birds patched version 1.3.5 successfully and the speed is rathre fast. ;) But yes, white squares are came across and the programs hangs soon. ;) Maybe with further improved graphics libs this would not be a problem. ;) 2.Home Switcher + LaunchPro really make the Android home amazing fast. :D Could them be cooked into our next Android beta version? ;) 3.I still can't use the phone. Either to make a call or run the FM. It just keeps saying""Sorry!The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again."" :) I don't know whether is as I'm using the WCDMA SIM.I know it has been suppoted yet but it seems I can't use the 2G network either at the moment. :D
  12. Seems the phone part is not so stable. It keeps showing "Sorry!The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again" and I just can't use the phone.Is this is because my using of ChinaUnicom's 3G SIM?But when I changed to ChinaMobile's 2G SIM, I still can't use the phone. Anyway, except the phone part everything seems work fine for me.
  13. Yeah, of course. I've already made my first donation to almar, though not so much: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...gif%3aNonHosted Hope all the dev team members:almar,bs,phj could share our thanks finacially to them:)
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