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  1. Is possible to have a multilanguage version? Thanks! [edit] Read answer on "6.5 ROM build 21903" thread. I hope you will have time to do that. I really want to flash your roms, but i prefer my native language to use phone everyday :P
  2. In Samsung Mobile Firmware Downloader there are 9 new roms after JC2 (2010.05.01/2010.05.02). What difference? The last update is: GT-B7610_B7610NXXIK6_B7610NTENIL4_B7610XXIK3_B7610NTENIL4_XX_TEN
  3. We musk know if work or is a fake.... I don't want to brick my phone...
  4. Oh, sorry i didn't see. Thanks! Later i will flash :D
  5. B7620 CSC was dumped.... i think is quite easy to do the same with 7610. So: Can upload B7620 CSC? I have now flashed I8000, but as i read, leak sound. Thanks :D
  6. Please sorg, can you upload also phone and CSC? I have I8000 fake and i read that with this CSC audio doesn't work.
  7. Ok, thank you very much! I'm waiting news.
  8. I following the thread on tweakers.net, and today some posted the ebo+nbo files. I just wait CSC for flash my phone. Anyway, Ronald-McDrive is also here in modaco: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1121313 :( For a good flash, we need: PDA: B7610NXXIK2 (eb0+nb0) CSC: B7610NXENIK2 (csc)
  9. Good news :D So probably, CSC in these devices, are unlinked to the ROM. I have too I8000 CSC, but i prefer to wait nb0 and CSC official :(
  10. *MAYBE*. I think never tested. So, if you maybe want to ship again to support try to flash :D Anyway, you must know that I8000, B7610 and 7620, are different devices. Very similar platform (AMOLED, CPU, RAM, etc), but not the same. So, never try to flash different ROMs.
  11. of course, NO. Are two different devices. You will brick.
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