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  1. Sorry Sheep and 20x but i don't know the answers....
  2. Ok!! the second file cointains the pda and eboot!! Thanks!!!! :)
  3. Ponior, but the first file is .Z01 and not .nb0........
  4. Excuse me for the ignorance, ponior :) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Excellent ponior!!!! :) one question.......the csc and the pda...are they multilanguage? ita-spanish-english-ect? Now, the phone and....finish!!!!!!
  6. GREAT!!!!!! Thanks Ponior!!! It's one!! now, only missing the csc and the phone :) Come on boys!!!!!!!!
  7. If any expert or someone who still WM6.1 can post here the components of the cell (any version) I would do a favor to everyone .. from the boys! you have everything in this forum .. need is a full WM6.1 ROM! :)
  8. Hi! I opened this topic to ask you to post WM6.1 versions of our b7610, so that if someone has flashed the phone to new versions and now needs to get back to version "mother" to many problems (security, etc. ..) , can recover here the 3 components (PDA + phone + CSC). I hope I have done something useful for everyone and I hope someone posts the 3 files!
  9. English: Sorry but some of the experts could tell me whether to flash the PHONE with the version of secany I also flash the pda again????? Italiano: Scusate ma qualcuno degli esperti potrebbe dirmi se per flashare il PHONE con la versione di secany devo di nuovo flashare anche il pda????? My attual configuration: PDA: B7610NXXIL2 GREAT!!!!!!! CSC: B7610VFGIG5 PHONE: B7610BUIG5
  10. the pda format is .mst, not .nb0.....................Can someone explain how to flash?
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