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  1. Whats the difference between this version 2018 en the 2016 that is already in previous roms?
  2. Thanks for the new version, will test it in a moment. And i would also like to thank you for uploading it to Usenet too. Much faster then mediafire and now i can use newsleecher to check it and extract it immediately! I see that you have removed some applications, but for some (myphone and games) would be nice to have CAB files to install them anyways, included in the rom. Is this possible?
  3. I've been running this rom for a whole weekend now and i really like the new startbar at the bottom. Buttons are now much easier to click and read. I noticed a few bugs though: -The same as above: when you open the keyboard, the screen doesnt go to landscape (i also have that autoclose fix) -You cant set a wallpaper for the lockscreen. It just doesnt show. You can set one for the todayscreen, but that wont show on lockscreen. -T9 settings are gone and the menuoption isnt functioning (you can click but nothing happens) -The new close button isnt showed in some application (like the Lighter app) -On the work, life and default todayscreen you have a small line just below the top bar. Its a few pixels high and the background is not really working correctly. Its like the screen isnt using that space at all and just shows you what other screens put there before. I will try and look for more bugs but these are the major ones i found so far. I really like this rom and hope that you will continue to work on this (or newer versions).
  4. I'm now using the rom on my phone and i like it a lot. Will install autoclosefix now. Haven't run into problems yet so thats a good sign!
  5. Nice, will test it in a few hours from now. I hope a can give you some good feedback.
  6. Been waiting for this 6.5.3 version for a long time. I'm guessing this is a port of an Omnia 2 ROM? Is the keyboard working correctly? I'm gonna flash it later today and will post my thoughts about this.
  7. The only way to detect these issues is to have good knowledge of the phone (hardware / software). Without some experiments like this one (no offense) you will get some experience along the way and if we have a more active community it will help big time. The reason that we don't have much roms now is that the phone isnt sold everywhere and that the Omnia 2 is more marketed. Deleting program's isnt really a new rom and i know that the more difficult changes cost more time to solve, but you have to start somewhere. Also: WM isnt that programmer friendly like iPhone or Android. I hope that this Rom wil evolve in a great addition to this community and that this is the first of many! (P.S. i see that the downloads contain CRC errors and need to be reuploaded. I know that the TS is working on it and hope to be able to try it soon. I already like it that we have a nice file-hoster with decent speeds! )
  8. Nice post, will try it when i get back home. Btw, i think this will also work on other languages (perhaps you can post screens for that too?) And another question: are you going to update this ROM with new features and changes in the future?
  9. Can you dump that version? Just upload it to a decent file-upload site and let us know. I've tried to update but it gives me no update as well. Also have gabby's rom (because of the increased free space) and wondering if they fixed some stuff i hated from the previous 6.5 rom.
  10. Where do you find those files? I dont seem to be able to find the correct 6.1 rom files.
  11. The official 6.5 update is now available (though some have problems). How do i update my secany rom to the official 6.5?
  12. Anybody else got problems with the widgets? When trying to add more widgets to the list i dont seem to be able to read them all properly and when i activate one, i seem to be losing all the widgets and cannot select any other. Perhaps this has to do with the multiple languages that the rom contains?
  13. Ive also run into a problem with the themes. I cannot seem to change to something that doesnt invert the color and background of some applications. U know, when text apears white and background is white. It seems that the theme is putting text to white and uses black backgrounds for everything. But i cannot seem to be able to change that and therefor i cannot see error messages properly (like when you need compact .net 3.5). Also, the official version isnt out yet so we cant test it.
  14. You only need the 2 files from the archive to flash your phone. And ive tried to flash it using windows 7 but it didnt work. I suggest you use XP or Vista to flash your phone. Dunno why it doesnt work, but i followed the guide to the letter.
  15. I noticed that my simcard is banned from my provider and therefor cannot connect. Gonna go to the shop tomorrow but it still sucks.
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