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  1. pulser

    How do you feel about buying Gameloft games?

    This. It's not hard to use the market features to make aversion for HDPI/MDPI, and for different graphics platforms. The options should be there now. So rather than making it visible to the user, do it through the market and save customers the trouble. Who knows if they have a tegra (if you are a n00b)? You know you can go to market and buy games. So add it and be done with it. I also agree 32% is FAR too high a %age, but given Google's security fail recently, they need to relax that.
  2. pulser

    Error [170] - Can't downgrade

    No. You run the exe with no phone attached and get the file out the temp folder. Google heroimg.zip for info. And you need goldcard. ie. follow http://www.villainrom.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=375 but instead of using the ROM recommended there, use VR12 or whatever
  3. See http://www.villainrom.co.uk/viewtopic.php?...096&p=21394 for instructions on rooting your Hero which has been RUU'd to 2.1 by yourself or HTC. If you sent it in for repair and it needs re-rooted, just do this :angry: P
  4. pulser

    Official 2.1 available now!!!!

    I don't see why people are so excited about this update. We knew there would be 2 steps to the process, and the update means little to us. It is just to prepare for the 2.1 update in the next couple of weeks. I am expecting a slightly early copy :) and have heard nothing yet. If only people looked at the fix list, then we'd maybe get less excitement about what is frankly very little... But not long now...
  5. pulser

    2.1 Exchange Activesync

    Just pop into /data/app and delete the folder com.htc.mail I think that's the one, but can't check just now.
  6. pulser

    The Race to deodex is over

    HomerSp has just fully deodexed the GSM RUU, and VillainROM 10.1 is now available :) www.villainrom.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=1002 Thanks to Paul and Behnaam for their work on the earlier releases :)
  7. pulser

    Totally Remove Wavesecure

    You need two subscriptions, as it's IMEI driven. Best contact WS.
  8. pulser

    Installed latest ROM - no data connection!

    Nah. We fixed the cause of the APNs not working :)
  9. pulser

    Villain ROM vs RaiDroid

    Ah. You like the OTA updater then? :o It's a nice little feature. This 6.2 ROM seems really pretty fast now :(
  10. pulser

    JIT enabled

    I know it's not really of much difference, but the great Cyanogen told me recently there are 8 good reasons not to use JIT in 2.1. Some of our ROM users use it (Hero), but I personally don't like the instability. Froyo (2.2) should have JIT be default though, so lets hope for 2.2 releases :)
  11. pulser

    Droid Eris 2.1 Update rolling out.

    I can fix the SIM contacts issue, It's actually pretty easy once someone shows you how. There's a post on xda from zygame (I think that's the name) telling you how to do it. Basically, get classes.dex from com.htc.framework.jar and use baksmali to get out the smali code. And edit an 'IsCDMA' entry I think. Instructions on xda though, or I can find them if needed.
  12. pulser

    Android 2.2 - check this out .....

    Nathan from VillainROM is actively seeking out a 2.2 leak, and he'll release one if he can get his hands on one.
  13. pulser

    Mozilla Fennec For Android

    You got as far as opening sites?
  14. pulser

    The over-the-air upgrade to 2.1

    Lol! Brilliant thread. Wahwah deserves some kind of award for that one! Maybe he'll cause some panic, but it's worth it for a good laugh. I especially loved the serious reply after it too :)
  15. pulser

    How to delete SIM contacts?

    Villain is currently based on an Eris leak, so it doesn't know what a SIM card is :) Basically, you'd need to do it in another phone. The next build of Villain (4.0 beta it should be) will almost certainly be a legend-based ROM (the dev has announced he's testing it right now), and this will allow you to disable sim contacts as per usual. So, short of using another handset, it can't be done yet...

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