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  1. That's working for Omnia 2 too.. I changed my router as it'll work for 802.11G only and my O2 is connected and opened web page. But still my connection is slow I think. It is connecting as 300~338 kbps.
  2. Is there anybody feeling difference? Is JH2 faster than JG2 and do you feel it in real?
  3. I have searched before about A-GPS and found a cab file to activate it. I'm living in Turkey and the name of this cab is Orange a-gps. Instead of Orange operator is not placed in my country, it's working for me. At the time of launching IGO Amigo GPS software, it's connecting to an IP address and getting satellite information then fixing in several seconds. You can try attached cab file. Just activate a-gps without putting ip address and set attached file up. Regards.
  4. By the way I downloaded Sinan's JF5 6.1 Rom (Phone part is XXJD1 - You know phone part contains drivers) and did one more test and got 361 kbps. Just a statistics for you. Finally you google " mobile speed test into " and select third link to access the link above easily.
  5. Thanks for this information. I also read too many threads yesterday and in my opinion wi-fi is so slow.. Did you enable 801/11g or you use Omnia2 as 801/11 b? Thanks Rufik. You get 552 kbps is with 3g i think? Can you test your wi-fi?
  6. I tried and liked so much latest JG2 lite rom. It has 105 mb free ram at startup and 80mb after 1 day worked (installed some personel applications btw) Built in applications: -Photo album -Phonebook -Samsung settings -Samsung call log -Touch player -Touch calendar -Touch clock -Youtube -Audio recorder -Office -Marketplace -Samsung SMS interface Since this version's incoming call screen is overlapping my lockscreen pocketshield, I installed JC2 incoming call screen and it's been fixed now. Thanks for this great rom. No issue
  7. What is your wi-fi speed? My Omnia 2 has 250-300 kbps but i don't know whether it's speedy enough or not? Or if you have a specific version of Rom which is speedy please tell us. Please do 3 test in below link and mention your speed here. http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed?jisok=1&more=1
  8. I have Omnia 2 and Wi-Fi speed is 368 kbit. Do you think it's good for wifi? I have 2 mbit connection but cannot use whole bandwidth?
  9. Hi everyone. I wonder is the latest version of phone part (bin file). Is it JF1 or...? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi KSTAN, Thanks for ultralite rom. I tried to setup photo album je2, je1 jd1 or jd4 versions but none of them worked properly. Can you send us CAB files for ultralite? I think this version is not compatible with the old cabs? Thanks in advance.
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