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  1. what improvements does stock 4.0.3 from Google have over 4.0.1, do you know that? :) latest HTC leak is the smoothest EVER Sense rom i've ever seen from HTC out of the box...it's amazing quick, universes apart from the original leak. camera seems to record 1080p @ 15mbps in MP4 format out of the box too.
  2. it was just for your info too: don't fsck with the radio. use the one the phone officially came with. everything else is leaked.
  3. the one that came with your phone don't fsck with the radios people!
  4. take it easy on the caps, you're not talking to a bunch of deaf retards are you?
  5. ah, even HTC releases their source code...;)
  6. LOL?! You mean it's THAT bad and you decided to get the real thing instead of running out of patience? :P
  7. it's not just at the top..it's sideways and bottom too it's like the screen real estate is smaller than the actual screen search thing in A7.5 can be disabled from preferences
  8. you remind me of King Julien in the plane crash scene..."raise your arms like this...it's more fun" LOL
  9. i have intermittent data connection dropouts in 7.5 if i enable airplane mode and disable it, data doesn't come back on. Manually enabling/disabling it doesn't do anything. only reboot cures it. also all of a sudden it disconnects and can't be reconnected back...reboot fixes it. other than this, it's super stable, haven't had a single reboot or FC yet. a single reboot seems to drain about 25% battery. things noticed: the DPI seems strange, widgets seem cramped in the middle of the screen somehow, there's lots of space above the topmost allowed position for a widget.
  10. what's the deal with 2D HW acceleration in dev settings? should we leave it as OFF (default) or turn it on? or maybe it doesn't do anything for now
  11. you're killing me, i just flashed A7 :) no reboots so far read a while back about ZSL drivers...any chance to get the camera up and running with this new kernel?
  12. update as in alpha 8? i noticed in A7 it's already flashing an Endtime kernel ( ICS 001)...probably an older version?

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