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  1. Why don't you try this video tutorial http://www.modaco.com/topic/349381-video-tutorial-how-to-install-android-in-internal-memory-using-ubuntu/
  2. Here is a video for 360 launcher with DPI settings set to 200. It runs smooth with all animation on.
  3. Let me share my Android Setup. I am using the CM Beta 2 with original zImage, the one included in the CM Beta2. I have it installed in internal storage Using the tweaks provided by you (JonathanRasaTweaksOmnia2) No chainfire 3d patch, Nothing xtra ;-)
  4. Find attached 360 Launcher (rename to .apk). I am using this version and it works smoothly.. I am sharing this as its free, and is available to download over at XDA forum. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1345601 XDA forum has a lot of information and tweaks for this launcher, however for me it just works fine without tweaking. I just install and its ready to use.. :) 360_Launcher_V2.0_Update_1.apk.txt
  5. I am using it on my phone and it works good.. I am using the updated patches and it all works good.. I will soon post a video..
  6. I find 360 launcher to be the best launcher, even with all different settings and all animations on,, it is snappier and after changing the display DPI settings to 200.. it gets more snappier.
  7. There are couple of threads on how to install. To start with : Video guide: The best option: Search the forum ;)
  8. Hmm, My bad.. May be I understood it incorrectly. Changing the thread title to DPI. Thanks for correcting me
  9. Its permission issue, you can use ubuntu, explore the Android partition, find the file and then edit it inside Ubuntu.
  10. Hi All, Wanted to share with you all on how to change the Display DPI settings. What it does..? It provides you with more space on your screen and may also help you play HD games which requires more resolution. There are a few apps in the market which will do the same job.. but still this is free & the easiest way to do it. 1. Open Root Explorer 2. Navigate to System folder 3. Open the file name build.prop 4. Scroll down and under 'Additional_build_properties' look for the line ro.sf.lcd_density = 240 The default value for the LCD density is 240, you may change it 200 Then press menu key and click on Save or Save & exit. It will create another build.prop file in system folder. Reboot phone and your done..! Njoy..!
  11. I have started to face a strange problem, when I end a call it just shows as 'ending call' and never ends the call. I am able to use the rest of the phone normally while it is still trying to end the call. Already re-installed Android with the tweaks provided by 'shoarmabakpao' but still the same issue. Anyone else facing similar issue or is there a fix for this.
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