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  1. Just wanted add installing the drivers did the trick for me.... Using 32bit windows 7 in vmware running on OSX 10.6.4 :) Although I have windows 7 install on bootcamp as well but its great to not have to reboot just to load a kernel!!
  2. Thats pretty much what apple are doing and it working for them. I mean come on they aren't even updating the form of the phone except for the writing on it and it still has people camping out to get it. The latest villan cdma port for gsm I can recommend, only been using it a few days but its pretty quick and not a single force close yet! even have live wallpaper working. Gives me high hopes and expectation for MCR4. Still am yet to find a 2.1 rom that doesn't have the usuall quirk of pulling all the numbers from my Facebook contacts and adding them to my phone contacts, unless its an option I'm not spotting.. all I want it to do it pull pics and bdays for my existing contacts not add 300 people I don't wanna call. I guess plan b is cull my friends list :P...
  3. Never understood why though? Being left handed its one of the few things that makes me miss my iphone..
  4. Ibanez33

    Scratched my screen.

    I was going to suggest car polish if its mild scratch.. Worked like a charm on the screen of my old iphone! If its a deep scratch then you can only really replace it..
  5. Yes that was plan B. I guess I'll have to do that..
  6. Can you also swear to take caps off... :) I can't wait for a proper version of 2.1 for the hero. I keep getting tempted by all of the 2.1 roms out there but they all have their own quirks..
  7. Thats better progress than mine. I've left some for several days and they haven't started so I've had to cancel the download. Tried alternating between wifi and mobile data but doesn't make a difference..
  8. I've checked and it was signed in. So I signed out killed off the market in task killer signed into google talk and tried again and still no luck..
  9. I did try searching but couldn't find any fix for this short of wiping and re-installing. But before that I thought I'd check if theres an easier fix? What's happening is The market opens fine I can search etc but, when I click to download anything its added to the downloads list but never gets beyond "starting download"
  10. Going but the version numbers not al ot... But I could be wrong.
  11. I hear what your saying but with the way alot of new release to the android market are requiring 2.0 plus before they can be used it is slightly annoying..
  12. Has anyone else had 2.1 one go a bit strange with the facebook sync. On 1.5 all it would do would sync the details and profile pictures of my contacts. On 2.1 it added all my friends from facebook's details to my contacts list? As in instead of pulling details of the 60 people on my contacts list it added another 300 people <_<
  13. Couldn't agree more I've spent a week on behero 2.1 and the speed within the rom was just normal really. The thing I will miss when I flash back to MCR3.2b5 is the speed of the browser that was soo much faster. But as you said the battery drain is appalling, I used to be able to go 2-3 days without a charge and now my phone dead by the end of the day even if I've hardly used it..
  14. Slowly getting through them all just want something to use till paul comes out with a 2.1. But so far some have been better than others but they've all had issues that would mean I wouldn't be able to use it day to day.
  15. I would do that too but as the only gmail accounts left were random garbage characters I don't really wanna use it for anything...
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