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  1. If we look about the main features think Symbian 5th it's a great OS, respect to WM, Symbian supports : 16 milion colors, natively activates the FPU, Best memory management, also 50 tasks at the same moment without problems due to system stability research like for the iPhoneOS there's a lock for the not originals applications but there are a lot of hacks to bypass this..
  2. Hi KC thx a lot for your work, I would like to know what are the bugs solved in this rom (outlook still hangs? and the samsung dial pad bar problem? ) Thank you in advance!
  3. I suggest you the first KC Lite Rom 28008 .. it works very fine and it's fast.. I've no problem in everyday use
  4. Yea with i8000 I've always recorded smooth and clear video at maximum resolution.. without jerks
  5. very thanks, do you know if there is a way to fix the scrollbar bug? cheers
  6. Anyone knows if this 28205 rom has the scrollbar for the samsung dial pad or has been fixed?
  7. please anyone can see if Helycopters.mp4 video has jerks with this L5-light2 rom.. ? thx
  8. Hy KC very compliments for your hard work, what's the difference in this new L5 rom? Is based on a new build of wm with important upgrade? Do you suggest to upgrade from your first light version? thx a lot :)
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