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  1. This seems to be a Sense-bug in Android 2.1 - I already encountered this error in leaked ROMs with 2.1 and sense on the Hero. On the Desire I have this bug now, too.
  2. Is it possible to make an SD-Card already partitioned with FAT32/ext3 forA2SD and filled with data into a goldcard (of course backup before)? Or do you need an empty card? Or do you need a FAT32-only card? Thanks :huh:
  3. The issue has finally been fixed last night. \o/
  4. FYI they fixed it now after 5 days. Yay...
  5. Check out their support forum for the market... It's full of reports that market is broken / download fails. I have the same issue. Something BAD and HUGE is going on... Reports from all over the world and all sorts of devices having this issue: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Andr...d22ee&hl=en
  6. Lots and lots and lots of reports coming in from all over the world: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Andr...d22ee&hl=en
  7. This problem has arisen now for me too! Still no answers from Google in any of the Help Forum threads there. :huh: Anyone here knows a solution? I will contact htc support and ask them, too. I had already bought a Desire and thought it was a device problem so returned it, but now my Hero is not working anymore either... Cant believe the problem exists for a year and Google have not responded as of yet... :P :blink: :o
  8. This is the mysterious site: http://goo.gl/dVLe ;)
  9. Fully agree, but still I stayed with Villain for now... Just like the 2.1 features too much. But I ripped out some hair already because of the damn lags that ROM has... For the official update, there are some tweets from HTC Russia (@htc_ru), you can translate them with Google. E.g. http://bit.ly/bxBU4t There are also some more recent tweets which suggest that it will come very soon (a matter of days)... But they want to make sure it has best quality and is bug-free.
  10. it works if you handpick the apps to restore and avoid any system apps or settings
  11. Battery life is 99.9% an app going mad. Check your active time vs uptime.
  12. Can anyone running this ROM confirm that "active time" is at 99%? For MCR 3.2 it is at 15-30% depending on usage, but never higher. You find it in settings, phone info, I believe. Thanks <_<
  13. I cant get active time to drop below 99% - tried several things yet. Battery is drained fast. :-( Apps are same as 1.5 so it must be a ROM or kernel issue - One thing was, that HTC Mail checked mail every 5 minutes, but turning that off didnt yield any effect... If I cant fix this, I will have to go back to 1.5, as a phone with empty battery after half a day is effectively useless. :-(
  14. Installed this ROM yesterday, too. After doing backups with WaveSecure (SMS), Titanium Backup (apps + data) and finally a Nandroid Backup, everything went smoothly. <_< Reinstalled all apps and settings using Titanium and SMS via WaveSecure. Now the Hero is in the same state it was on 1.5 with Paul's ROM. :mellow: Apps2SD didnt work for me at first, as I had ext4, but after reformatting the partition to ext3 it started working again. :( Experienced some force closes though, but I am willing to take these for a nice and fast 2.1 with Sense :D Good work!
  15. As I already wrote here, I got the battery from FoneM8 and it has in fact 3000mAh: EDIT: Some technical details: - the phone is now about 1.7cm thick with the new back cover and the battery inserted (that is about 0.67in for you guys on the island and in the US of A :D ) - inserting the battery is a bit cumbersome, but once it is in place it fits tight and nice - the new back cover blends in quite well with the grey hero, though it leaves a very tiny gap on the left behind the volume buttons; apart from that it fits perfectly and has a similar touch to the original material
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