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  1. I guess there's no solution then if it's a bug. If you're getting it and I'm getting it then it's not likely to be any corrupt data on my device (which was my first thought). I can get around it by finding the contact in contacts first and then messaging from there, rather than the contact look-up via the compose message screen, but it's annoying!
  2. Something funny going on with my shiny new HTC Hero (or G2 as my operator likes to call it). I upgraded to the latest ROM as it was a 2.73 version rather than the 1.76 it came with. I don't think it was anything to do with the ROM wipe as that was a week ago and it's been working OK. Now when I go into Compose, and I tap in the To: field I think something, like and index or something, is corrupt. I say this as if I start typing in 'b..e....' as if I'm trying to get a lookup on Ben, it works fine. The problem, and granted it's a weird one, is if I try looking up contacts that start with 'w...i'. Whenever I try and lookup my contact Will, within the compose of the SMS app I get the above error. Any ideas? Is there some cache somewhere I can wipe without having to do a Factory Reset?
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