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  1. Strange, I'm experiencing the same. Tried pasting something into a text message and it FC'd. The same happened with other applications too btw. Logcat here: http://pastebin.com/v0i1q4eV
  2. Unfortunately your app did not work for me. Still the same issue.
  3. Download previous gapps from here, including change logs: http://wiki.rootzwiki.com/Google_Apps#Ice_Cream_Sandwich_.28Android_4.0.x.29
  4. Also available from ADVERTISING SPAM at the same price (and free delivery). There's also a 5% off voucher (HUDAC), which brings the price down to £6.64, plus another 5% from Quidco. Just ordered one now from there.
  5. Try logging in to 'Talk' and try installing again. Worked for me.
  6. t89

    MCR r5 archive

    Open 'Talk' and sign-in and try downloading your app(s) again.
  7. t89

    MCR r5 archive

    Install via Recovery
  8. So I got my Desire today, rooted it and flashed Modaco's Custom ROM on it (not the froyo port). Everything is working fine, but wifi does not seem to be working. When turning it on I get a 'Unable to scan for networks' notification a couple of times before wifi disables itself automatically. I've tried reflashing a couple of other radios, but that didn't solve the problem. I'm on right now. Any help?
  9. Hi Guys! So I'll be getting my Desire tomorrow and as far as I know it'll be shipped with a 4GB microSDHC card. I have ordered a 8GB Class 6 card just now and I should receive on Saturday/Monday. In the meantime I am thinking of flashing the non-A2SD version of this ROM and install all apps on the phone's memory. Once I get my new memory card though, I'd like to move those apps over to the memory card. Now my question: How do I later enable A2SD+ without having to reflash the A2SD+ version of this ROM. Is there a simpler way of enabling A2SD+? I'm sure it'll be possible to just flash it over the current ROM without wiping, but just wondering if there is a simpler method.
  10. Nice one. This worked perfectly. My ID was slightly different, simply changed it. Thanks!
  11. Download and apply this via your recovery, just like you would do with any other update.zip.
  12. t89

    Titanium Backup: Restore

    Thanks! I'll get the that version now then!
  13. Hey all! I've backed up my apps using Titanium Backup and they now are on my SD card. I've installed a new ROM and when trying to restore all my apps using Titanium Backup, the Package Installer opens up for each of my apps and asks me to confirm each installation. Isn't there a quicker way, with no user interaction? Or is this only avaible in the Donate version? Thanks (Apologies if this has been answered before)
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