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  1. Hi Just received a kindle fire for Christmas so I was hoping that someone could kindly answer a few questions for me. 1. Does this ROM work on UK Fires? I assume from the early dates that these were tested on ebay/US sourced units? 2. When you apply this ROM does the fire still look/work like a fire with the benefit of a full Play store being the biggest change? TIA for any responses, I assume this part of the site may become a little busier after XMas with a slew of new fires being out there. ETA: UK Fires seem to be on OS ver 7.2.3 so do not know if this ROM will work Would like to know as well as I've just got myself a kindle fire.
  2. Sorted! for some reason windows had blocked the phone in while in bootloader mode, unblocked it from device manager and it worked straight away!
  3. I'm having problems with this aswell. I've got the g300 in bootloader mode and reconnect the USB, I then click on double click 'install-superrecovery-windows.bat But all I get here is waiting for device. I've installed the drivers from the virtual CD, unchecked fastboot and checked USB debugging. I've installed the latest version of hisuite aswell but still get the waiting for device message! any idea where I'm going wrong?
  4. GB-UK

    Removing Simlock?

    Is there a way to remove the simlock on the Nokia 710 yet? I've seen them cheap on PAYG with vodaphone but want to use it with T-Mobile.
  5. GB-UK

    ICS for Desire HD

    Now that google have released the source for ICS, do you think there will be some custom roms being put out for the Desire HD?
  6. Since the update to honeycomb I cannot see any files on the external SD card. I can go into setting and storage and it see's the card but when I use a file manager to go to the card it says there are no files on the card. It previously had no problem seeing the files before the update. It has PDF's and some AVI files on. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? Would have posted in the Streak 7 forum but it won't let me start a new topic for some reason!
  7. GB-UK

    HTC Desire HD issue!

    Put a custom ROM on it and that should give you access to the market maybe?
  8. Just updating my HTC desire hd now with the official t mobile 2.3 update. EDIT Says its updated to version Now checked and on onfo says its android 2.3.3
  9. Change to using launcher pro and it solves your problem!
  10. Was it one of these car mounts you bought? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VIS...em=380323040768
  11. I've ordered one of the N700 tablets but cannot find any screen protectors for it, does anyone know of anywhere that sells them? If not would a protector from the galaxy tab be a good alternative as they are both 7" screens?
  12. GB-UK

    'New' ZTE devices

    Will the skate be as easy to unlock as the blade?
  13. GB-UK

    'New' ZTE devices

    That looks good, any idea on price or release date?
  14. GB-UK

    froyo 2.2

    To make it easier could you post a link to the version of 2.2 that you put on your phone please?

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