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  1. I on one hand, find the automatic brightness feature pretty useful, but i don't like it when it goes to max brightness, even i'm in a normally lit room. is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, so it only goes to max brightness when outdoors?
  2. Hi folks, I've been facing this pretty peculiar situation with my i8000- whenever I'm connected to the internet (via the HSDPA/3G Network), all radio connections- 3G/Phone/everything shuts down after a couple of minutes of usage, then restarts in a few seconds. It might sound confusing, but essentially its like the phone goes into airplane mode a few minutes after i start surfing, then reverts back to the normal radio "on" state in a few seconds. Now, this only happens when i'm using an application that requires internet access- Opera10, Windows live, midori, facebook etc etc. It's annoying, to say the least. I'm currently on KC's 6.5.3 ROM but i've experienced this issue since the first official winmo 6.5 update for the phone. Is anyone else out there experiencing this too? are there any workarounds?
  3. can i find out from you, where did you get the eboot from? been searching for it-the only one i found was secany's eboot+pda download. appreciate any info. :) edit- found. it was right there, staring me in the face! i swear never to flash my phone at 4 in the morning again.
  4. excellent rom! thanks KC! I found that after i installed Chome editor and any panel, i.e. Chome editor and say, Cfacebook- I'm unable to access my home screen- i can only access the start menu page. Clicking on the home icon hangs the phone. at this stage, even uninstalling Chome and the panel doesn't help- only a hard reset will allow me to access the home screen again. anyone else with this issue?
  5. I believe its dataplan- correct me if i'm wrong jaytuu. I face the same issue here in Singapore too. the connection drop happens only when i'm on the browser or the facebook app. messenger is fine so long as either of the other two apps are not launched.
  6. Excellent ROM KC! first time i'm flashing my Omnia II. It's been great so far. Thanks! I'm facing a situation here- I've got Cappointments to point to the samsung tcalendar, but occasionally when i try launching tcalendar from the titanium panel, all i get is a blank screen. when that happens i'll need to do this: 1. close tcalendar via task manager 2. go to start menu, launch tcalendar again 2. close tcalendar. and i'm able to launch tcalendar from the panel again. any idea what gives? My apologies if this is in the wrong section.
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