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  1. mbba

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool

    i cat belive this i actually managed to root it wit the rom manager in the market but before i did that i used androot which gave me a super permission that made a big diffrence no need of adb to root 2.1 update. if you have a super permission apk just download the rom manager from the market and you done grat work guys thanks for making the part of my brain which was not working tick. cheers and keep on trollin paul.
  2. mbba

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool

    Hi Thanks for all for the good work i need help rooting my htc hero tmobile g2. this is my situation. 1. HTC hero G2 tmobile uk was rooted before but then i had a digitizer(touch screen problem) and was running modaco r5 unrooted it and sent it back to get repaired when it came back it had 2.1 update1 now i want to root it again but no luck. 2.when i use this gold card procedure it works up till when i start downgrading it boots to fastboot but then says fail to update. i think its a tmobile lock on rooting and i dont mean sim lock. So guys any tips or help on what i can do please pm me or post it i need my hero to be a hero again.
  3. Hi guys , Anybody having issues with hero g2 tmobile with the 3g data not loading and even the market sometimes works like lighting and suddenly it just stops till i disconnect and connect again any replys Thanks
  4. Hi there paul i see you still shine am trying the new 2.1 and its looking good thanks again.
  5. Hi Paul i upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2 and its coool no issues to report dude you still shine keep it up
  6. Answer .to all the newbees with this question rocking their brains ....Give it a go Or in simples, you don't know what your missing............. :)
  7. mbba

    T-Mobile's New Tariffs & Price "Refresh"

    Wow there cowboy I think flex or combi tmobile are s rip off I am with the HTC hero and they suck big time.
  8. Hi, I had that problem before can recall but its something to do with the wifi status indicator on the mcr updates try deleting the saved wifi connection profiles of the router you connect to at home if you noticed it happens only on one location of which you usually connected. its 4am and was typing with one finger and one eye open hope my explaination helped :)
  9. I am kind of confused example if I remove. And need it in the future am sure I have to do a.flash all over again and HTC sync will I have problems connecting with pc my question is can this programs be disabled at startup just like when we do a msconfig in windows?
  10. Dude calm down lol i ment andriod as in htc hero
  11. Hi again i have the Recovery-RA-HERO-v1.2.3 an my droid and noticed people talking about Recovery-RA-HERO-v1.3.2 where do i get the update and how do i update it is it the same procedure as before flash recover or any diffrent
  12. Hi, whats the diffrence between ext3 & ext4 i know it is a silly question though i know ext3 and ext4 are a diffrent partition on my sd but i just wanted to know does it play a role in performance or is it stability i am kind of confused because i am a windows user and becoming a linux user thanks to my htc hero iv decided to go against all my windows experience and started using Ubuntu and i wished i did that ages ago thanks to htc hero i was forced to find out what linux actualy is and thought it was a sturbon OS before but was wrong. Sorry for the long explaination and thank you for reading.
  13. Thanks mate for making that clear lets see iv just been looking at the htc hero specs is this what you ment if am wrong please feed back its good and helpfull to know how this phone mem works maybe it makes things more clear becouse i think i been putting post before which kinda not in place about saving mem or wrong ;) . 1. Installed RAM (MB) 288- is where the apps are installed and running App2sd as mentioned example i have 111 and shrinking so whats the app2sd doing then is it working or not am :D 2. Installed ROM (MB) 512 -------> where the MCR or Stock that is the OS cool with that 3. MicroSD (example 2GB) -------> Now after partitioning i get Total 1,376 - Available 1,256 presuming the other 500 or so is partitioned ext2 or ext3 which i presume is a diffrent drive example d:\ in my HDD My question is if my memory shrinks every time i install an app and presuming App2sd is woring with 3.0 why is tha partioning of my sd being helpfull. I will appreciate if you could shade some light. Thanks and sorry if the questions seems kinda stupid maybe it is but thats how we learn :(

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