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  1. Finally found a good solution through Galaxy Nexus ToolKit at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1392310 In the process of relocking and getting back stock ROM everything was wiped. FINALLY!
  2. Same error here with WinRAR. Unexpected end to archive :(
  3. Thanks for your reply. Is that a safe method and have you tried it yourself? Please let me know.
  4. Ohhh that sounds too risky. I can't believe there isn't a normal way to format that internal storage. Anyone an idea???
  5. Thanks for your reply. I already tried this more than once. The stuff is still on the internal memory. All the folder that were created by apps are still there. Like PhotoFunia app folder or Pulse etc
  6. Hi everyone, Okay I feel like a total noob. But I have been trying to just completely wipe the internal "SD" memory of my Galaxy Nexus... without success. I try to delete the folder separately after mounting but it's so slow and keep freezing. I'm running MoDaCo ROM and it's also rooted. So I did format everything that I could format in the bootloader. The internal memory survives everything, including wipes and new ROMs etc. Please help. I want that memory cleaned :)
  7. Same issue on both our Galaxy Nexus phone. I think 1 is worse than the other. But if I swap it for another one.. I will probably just gt another one with the same issue... maybe more or maybe less. What do u think??
  8. Awesome thanks for the reply. So mouse definitely works.. would be interesting to know whether keyboard could work... Can anyone tell me if and how this phone can be plugged to an HDMI monitor?
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy such an adaptor? Will the adaptor made for the Galaxy S2 work for the Galaxy Nexus? Would be great to be able to share screen to HDMI
  10. Hi, I was just about to buy "USB A 2.0 female to Micro USB B male Connector Adapter". I'm wondering what kind of things can I plug into my phone using this adapter and how will it behave. Did any of you try using a mouse on the Galaxy Nexus? What's that like? What about an external monitor. Is that even possible? Thanks. Firasco
  11. Actually the problem I mentioned exists with ALL Android phones running 2.1 It's a general problem and it's REALLY driving me insane.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I also had GPS issues going from 2.1 then back to 1.5. But now everything is fine. SO does anyone know about overclocking on HTC Hero running 2.1 Paul ROM?? I remember 2.1 Villain ROM worked with overclock up to 800 MHZ, which made the phone so much faster..
  13. Okay so I installed the 2.1 ROM by Paul from Taiwan. Works perfectly. Not one single problem, except the general Android 2.1 annoyance of not being able to hide certain Google Contacts groups. Currently it shows all Google Contacts groups (I have PRIVATE and WORK, and don't want the 2000 WORK contacts to show up). Did any one of you figure out how to only display certain Google Contacts groups? In 1.5 you could select which groups showed up, now not anymore. WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE HELP.
  14. I couldn't update with the official 2.1 because my phone is rooted, so I came here - and it worked like a charm!! Thanks Paul. I was wondering: is it possible to overclock the CPU while on this ROM? I heard about SetCPU or Overclockwidget.
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