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  1. Hey guys, I've been using this ROM (megalite version) for a while now and I really like it :) However, in Google Maps it won't find my location with GPS. It does give me a general area based on my connection, but it just keeps looking for satellites. What settings do you use? Or what am I doing wrong here? Thanks :D
  2. I've downloaded this ROM, but I have a few questions before flashing. Which parts should I flash to make it work the best? I've read about people only flashing the MST or just everything.
  3. Yes, that is exactly my point :) B7610 is a better and (in my opinion) better looking device than the TouchPro2. But I like the user interface on the HTC more than the Samsung stuff. So maybe there's a way to get the best of both :)
  4. I agree, that would be absolutely awesome. I assume you're talking about a HTC HD2 ROM for the B7610? In that case, it would also have some serious down-sides. For example: the screen would not auto-rotate when you slide out the keyboard and the multi-touch functionality of the HD2 would be pretty useless on our B7610's. Also, the HD2 ROM is designed with the 1 GHz Snapdragon and 448 MB of RAM in mind, which would almost definitely make it run slower on our device. So I suggest another idea: how about a TouchPro2 ROM for B7610? It still looks really great and gives you that HTC-feeling. I'm now using the TouchFLO 1.3 on my B7610 and I love it. But a TouchPro2 ROM would be even better. It's designed for a 528 MHz CPU, so we can expect it to run really smooth on our 800 MHz processor (correct me if I'm wrong). All we need now is a chef who knows how to make this happen :)
  5. I understand your problem, but there's a reason why the screen turns itself off during a call. Since it's a touchscreen phone, you could accidentally press buttons with your ear or your head. And you don't want to end a call with your ear :) The phone uses the proximity sensor on the front to see if your phone is close to another object (like your head) There's no option to turn this off in the settings, but maybe there's something in the registry. Although I recommend to keep using it the way it is, because it's there with a very good reason :) Good luck!
  6. Hey, I like your idea to assign the work button to open the calendar. So I downloaded the software and installed it. But now I'm a bit lost. Can you maybe make a list of steps you should take? Thanks!
  7. Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 Windows Mobile 6.5 Dumped default ROM
  8. http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af40/Bo...1/Screen022.png This is my homepage :) It's WM 6.5 + Manila 1.3 + Batti (Still secretly hoping for a HTC Touch Pro 2 port for the Omnia Pro ;) That would be awesome)
  9. I installed it and copied the dll file to the Windows folder, but when I click the Torch icon, nothing happens. I tried a soft-reset, but it still doesn't work. Any advice? :)
  10. I have a Omnia Pro B7610 and my CSC is B7610VDFIH5 So I guess VDF means Vodafone (the Netherlands) My PDA version is IJ3. Does it matter that the CSC and PDA are not the same?
  11. Wow, that was really fast!! Thanks a lot, I'll give it a go and see if it works :D This is why I love these forums. Always someone with an answer :P Works like a charm!!
  12. Hey there, I know this is probably a newbie-question, but how do you take a screenshot of your phone? I use B7610, but I guess it's the same as on the I8000. I'd like to show people what the new WM 6.5 interface looks like, but using a camera to make a screenshot just doesn't really work :D I hope you can give me an easy answer
  13. If you add the clock on the task bar, the battery disappears. So you can have only one of the 2. I use B7610 and I had the same problem. I haven't found a way to use both at the same time, but I hope someone has a solution.
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