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  1. You can fix that easily and yet have a power saving background. You can install any of the *.tsk files out there that have black background and the right font color scheme, for instance I've tried the HTC Diamond. Symply copy the file in the Windows folder and select that background in the settings.
  2. After flashing I've noticed one problem. My device original language (when it had wm6.1) was portugese and I could set it up to spanish with no problems. Now, I can set it to spanish and all menus appear in spanish but the OS keeps telling the application installers that the phone's language is portugese. Then all applications that I try to install resort to the portugese localization. This happens even with the Samsung applications like touch player, touch calendar, etc. This must be something that can be corrected by changing some registry key that sets the default language. Does anybodie know which one is? dherrero: did you have this problem? I see in you and me live in the same city, maybe we bought the phone in the same place...
  3. Polish is available. About the camera, I don't see any problem with it, photos are fine, well at least as they were with the WM6.1 ROM. Photos in the screen look the same as before and once downloaded to a computer also. Video recording in 720x480 is unlocked and works with no trouble. Swedish is available too.
  4. Sucessfully flashed. You don't need to reboot, I had the same problem and solved it by selecting the "connections" setting in the original windows configuration menu, you cant add any network at first but if you enter the "advanced" section and change the connection type to "My internet" the operator settings reapear and are editable. Thanks secany for the ROM and dherrero for being so brave!

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