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  1. Hi Guys, Great work! I forgot to add these to the script: PWRCON0 0x7C200029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 0) 0x0 PWRCON1 0x7C300029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 1) 0x0 PWRCON2 0x7C400029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 2) 0x0 Can anyone add this to the script on the bottom: pdump 0x7C200029 4 pdump 0x7C300029 4 pdump 0x7C400029 4 pdump 0x7C200028 4 pdump 0x7C300028 4 pdump 0x7C400028 4 pdump 0x7C20002c 4 pdump 0x7C30002c 4 pdump 0x7C40002c 4 And send me the new output? Thanks!
  2. The script can be loaded by Haret, in the same way the regular default.txt(which you have to replace). Make sure you rename it to default.txt, as is see here it is two times .txt.
  3. Doesn't matter. But it really doesn't matter what kind of output you get. You could have corrupted your NANDflash with your 0x2000000 command and brick your phone. You are running the Image from alpha which I already knew would run. But I want a safe option, not a trial and error one. With all the knowledge we got from the whole process we don't have to do the trial and error if I get my logs which are android/(z)image indenpendant. So i created a slimmed down script. If you guys would please run this and send me the created i920 log file. default.txt.txt From this we can analyse what changes we have to make, to make it work. This script is not as complete as my instructions but it is better than nothing. Once you have the output, please compress it in a nice zip and send it to me. What would be even better if you opened up the log file with a text editor. You would see all the addresses with all the corresponding hex values (0x). If you would take the xps file match the register address with the corresponding value and give me a nice little excel sheet with all the registers and all the corresponding outputs (except ofcourse for the mmu dump). If you don't know what im talking about, never mind. Explaining it in more detail would cost me more effort than doing it myself. Good luck, Marc
  4. Although I appreciate the effort, I have a pretty clear idea what is happening. I think I could easily give you a kernel which would work. This is not in my or your interest, I want to make the full device work. For this what we need are the logs. If nobody is able to produce them, I will create a script which does the above, so you guys would only have to run it in haret like it was a kernel.
  5. Great work! I think you can boot the alpha, but it is too much work to figure everything out for me at the moment but you reminded me of something I forgot. I also need to know which sd channels are used. So I add these registers to the ones I have. You can have different outputs. PWRCON0 0x7C200029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 0) 0x0 PWRCON1 0x7C300029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 1) 0x0 PWRCON2 0x7C400029 R/W Present State Register (Channel 2) 0x0
  6. Guys I need a lot of haret logs & memory dumps from you to adjust our version to i920. I need you guys to do the following. Get yourself the latest haret version. Get yourself dropbox (preferaby via my twitter). And compress all the logs & dumps in to one file and dropbox them to me (email me the link). If you dont understand something, before emailing me ask for support from others here. Im very busy at the moment so i'm time managing. start haret --> listen to connection connect with telnet to it (telnet 9999( dump mmu --> name this output mmulog.txt Then I added an xps with all the regs I need (this is a lot of work). What you need to do is pick the reg out of the xps for example: you take APLL_LOCK and put it nicely in excel, then you do in haret: pdump 0x7e00F000 4 --> you paste this register after the APLL_LOCK You can speed up the process by dumping multiple regs at once for examople to dump the first 4 registers you do: pdump 0x7e00F000 16 Then you make a nice excel file and put this also in the compressed folder. Then you have to add some registers manually to the file above: VIDCON0 0x77100000 R/W Video control 0 register 0x0000_0000 VIDCON1 0x77100004 R/W Video control 1 register 0x0000_0000 VIDCON2 0x77100008 R/W Video control 2 register 0x0000_0000 VIDTCON0 0x77100010 R/W Video time control 0 register 0x0000_0000 VIDTCON1 0x77100014 R/W Video time control 1 register 0x0000_0000 VIDTCON2 0x77100018 R/W Video time control 2 register 0x0000_0000 WINCON0 0x77100020 R/W Window control 0 register 0x0000_0000 WINCON1 0x77100024 R/W Window control 1 register 0x0000_0000 WINCON2 0x77100028 R/W Window control 2 register 0x0000_0000 WINCON3 0x7710002C R/W Window control 3 register 0x0000_0000 WINCON4 0x77100030 R/W Window control 4 register 0x0000_0000 Ok finally I need a memdump. But before I can do this I must know something about the memory settings. Once you've done all the above do this: (if it crashes doing this, this is a symptom I should know about). PWF 0x50000000 memdump1.rom 128*1024*1024 PWF 0x60000000 memdump2.rom 80*1024*1024 PWF 0x50000000 memdump3.rom 208*1024*1024 Then dropbox me all this and notify this by email ( i dont read this or any other topic for that matter at the moment much) Good luck, If you dont succeed this (alltogether with multiple people) email me. Almar dropbox regs.xps http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18746515/regs.xps dropbox haret http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18746515/haret2.exe
  7. Hi guys, I want to make it work on i920 too. Someone with good computer skills and enthousiastic to start struggling with it please contact me! Greetings Almar
  8. I havent been here in months:D We are back working on camera, 3g and bluetooth and sensors! I hope things will move fast now!
  9. News: - Froyo is ready for download! - 2.6.32 kernel (latest from Samsung sources) is being ported to O2 Greetings the dev-team --------------------------------------------- Info sites: - Project page - Beta download page. Please do not mirror, because we need download statistics. - Kernel source browser For access use svn client and address: svn://o2droid.phj.hu/droid. - FAQ and HOW TO's @modaco. Please do not ask questions in this thread. - almar's twitter Supported features in Eclair public beta2 release: - Android 2.1 (Eclair) - Display and touchscreen - Hardware keys - Internal and External storage - Sound - 2D acceleration and brightness control/backlight - Vibrator - Battery driver/charging - Phone - Wifi & Android market - GPS - USB (ADB) - 3G/Data connection - Sensor implementation in Android (without proximity sensor) - rooted phone ;-) - back Camera works Supported features in the Froyo public beta - Android 2.2 Froyo compiled from sources with some O2 optimizatios - almost all as in eclair is working - Phone - WiFi - GPS - Data connections (GPRS) - Sensors (not everything is working: accelerometer can work, but compass not) - 2D/3D (Samsung not allowed to us to distribute the 2D/3D library binaries, so they are not included in the image). - MP4/3GP movie play (camera hardware button doesn't work yet) - Camera in photo (up to 5MP) and movie recording mode (it's still not 480p, but works) Note: There is still error, when within telephone conversation in approx.30 seconds the LCD Features under development: - Enable in driver 24bit display support and get rid of banding - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) {slooooow and some Eclair features broken} - Bluetooth implementation in Android (it's working at kernel level) - Front Camera Possible future features - Open Source (github.com build) - TV-Out Some android on O2 videos: (public Alpha release) (June 20 2010) stable sound (Oktober 18 2010) receiving a call You can help out the developers by: Nothing at the moment. ----------------------------------------------- mail info to [email protected] ----------------------------------------------
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your phone! Maybe you can declare it at your insurance? Optional: Make high quality pictures of the inside (so i can read the different chips, preferably under the shields) and sent them to me. You'll support the android on omnia II project ! (altough I don't really need the pictures anymore, they always can come in handy.
  11. Hi guys, have you already tried to increase the voltage to make it more stable? Probably you can get higher if you do this. Not sure though if this is possible with haret. (check the manual). Does it get really hot at 1 ghz? In android this should be far more easy I think. But I first want to finish the project, it would an enourmouss loss if I bricked my phone. EDIT: I think what would be more wise is to leave the MPLL to a bit lower value (standard it is 266), if you overclock this one also the lcd driver etc get a higher clock (dangerous!) or youll have to change the dividers. But what you probably do want is to have a higher memspeed, what you can easier do (and probably less dangerous) is to adjust the mem settings (yes the same as in your old computer which you overclocked). CHeck out page 128 and chapter 4 from the s3c6410 manual rev12. Warning: this is on your own risk, im only giving you hints how to accomplish what you want.
  12. Maybe with hardware acceleration it is possible to play HD ( using the SIMD instructions arm V6 offers and the VFP)? My samsung tv with a arm11 core and at 600mhz plays hd mkv... Not that it has any real use because we can't output a resolution this high..
  13. If I understand it correctly: even if the oems use the ARM_VFPv2 in their ROM build, the method how is similar to yours? Somekind of hooks are build into the coredll which lead back to the injected library? So for optimal perfomance, the compiler should use the VFP instruction set (which WM6.x doesnt support)? Scanning through the FPCRT.def, there are many functions you haven't build in yet, is that because you haven't found the time or because there was no performance gain? (otherwise I will try to add them myself. Using this library and some patch code should do the trick)
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