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  1. My milestone has taken an absolute battering in the last 7 months. Very unlike me as I'm usually so careful with my phones as I always like to sell them on before I pick up another. I'm not sure I could go back to a phone that doesn't have a physical keyboard. I've loved having the physical keyboard on the milestone. I know very little about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro except I like what I see. Other phones that take my fancy are the Palm Pre Plus, although I really like the look of the Windows Mobile 7 operating system so may wait and see what phones come out with that.
  2. roy_drage

    2.1 pushed OTA from UK

    Just wanted to give an update. I've had further problems, the alarm sometimes goes off on time, sometimes it goes off like 10 mins late. Really frustrating. Also I've now noticed I cannot open and set any of my own wallpapers from the gallery. Live wallpapers and wallpapers from the phones default wallpaper gallery work fine. However try to set a picture I've taken or one I've downloaded as the phones wallpaper I just get the following error 'failed to open image'. Roll on 2.2 please...
  3. roy_drage

    2.1 pushed OTA from UK

    Yep had the music player bug for the 1st time today. Phone was just sat on the table at work when it started blasting out the last played song from the music player. From now on if I were u I would make sure u turn the volume right down before u stop the music player, it seems to carry on from the exact point u left it. If I could go back to 2.0.1 I would.
  4. roy_drage

    2.1 pushed OTA from UK

    After almost a week with 2.1 i'm certain I HAVE seen a difference in the way my phone operates. Now I have 5 home screens, it's pretty slow and jerky flicking between the various screens. My alarm seems to go off something like 3 or 4 minutes after it should, very strange. People on the other end of the line seem to be finding it hard to hear me, almost to the point where I have to hang up and call back again. Battery life seems exactly the same to me. Also when I get a txt the little txt msg symbol that pops up in the top left hand corner of the screen, well it now always shows up twice. Even tho only 1 text msg has been received!? So for me personally given the choice again I wouldn't of bothered to upgrade, all i've got out of it is a couple extra home screens and some fancy live wallpapers (they are nice tho!!)
  5. roy_drage

    You tube in milestone = bad quality?

    I think it also depends what connection you have on the phone while viewing. For instance 3G or less will only display in low res where as H and over WIFI will always display in hi res. Something like that anyway.
  6. roy_drage

    2.1 pushed OTA from UK

    Apart from 2 extra home screens, some live wallpapers and they've changed the layout of the camera (which I personally don't prefer) I can't quite what else has changed?
  7. roy_drage

    Milestone Android 2.1 is out

    Nope, still haven't seen anything official.
  8. roy_drage

    2.1 pushed OTA from UK

    Seems 16th of April is when a lot of sites claim android 2.1 will be available to download fo UK users. Fingers crossed as that's end of this week ;)
  9. The keyboard is fine, infact for me personally it's almost perfect. Took me all of about 4 hours to get used to it, now i can fly around the thing and almost touch type. I don't even mind the big square navigation button thing, helps when you need to get in and take out a single letter within a miss-spelt workd or something AND it biggest use is for when I play games ;)
  10. roy_drage

    Easy Guide for Rooting your Droid

    Hi, can anyone confirm if this guide will work on European Milestones? (English)? I'm at the point where I would like to install some custom ROM's (mainly so I can check out the live wallpapers etc) and this guide seems fool proof and dead easy.
  11. roy_drage

    Change Notification L.E.D colour

    I use Meebo IM, have tried a couple other but I prefer the layout on this one.
  12. roy_drage

    Change Notification L.E.D colour

    Ah yes my msn instant messages also come through as pink, don't know why no as I haven't set them as pink. Must be that by default.
  13. roy_drage

    My most used apps

    Spotify - love it and use it everyday Beautiful Widegts - just like the clock and the real time weather etc Twidget - although have now moved to something called Seesmic Meebo - for MSN etc, simplest messaging client I have used Shazam - never thought I would use it but it's really really handy actually Soccer live scores - for checking all the footie scores badword My Life widget - nice to read everyones stupid little problems while killing time on the tube Photobucket mobile - handy for when i've taken a pic i like i can upload it to my account right away Task Killer - we all know this one Astro File manager - we all know this one to
  14. roy_drage

    Change Notification L.E.D colour

    The only thing I have installed that can change the LED colour is the SMS Popup app. So when I receive and email I get green LED Text message I get blue LED Low Battery same old red LED Simple yet effective :D
  15. Cheers for the link. Updated to 2.0.1, couldn't have been easier. Will look into rooting now ;) Only difference I've seen are the lock screen, though the clock has only moved to the left (that's it). The music equalizer is great, much needed as I have spotify on my milestone so listen to music everyday so really happy with the equalizer! Haven't noticed anything else that's changed, hopefully the battery life will improve with this update...... have to wait and see I guess.

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